Moto G5 Plus stuck in boot loop after System Upgrade


What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on? My choice 0.5 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

This morning I installed the system upgrade that my phone notified me of. It is now stuck in a reboot loop where it has been repeating the blue “hello moto” start-up screen repeatedly for the past 10 minutes. If I try to reboot or shut off, it stops the loop for a few seconds and then starts it again. I cannot get to the android screen where you can do a cache wipe. I can’t get anywhere. And, it’s about to drive me insane!


I chatted with help and their only recommendation is to wait for the phone to run out of battery, charge it for 30 min, and then do a factory reset. Our family will go insane listening to that “hello moto” loop until the battery dies.


After many attempts I was able to get it into the android system screen. Then I got it into recovery mode twice. I wiped the cache, no change. I shut the phone off, no change. Now, it is still in the loop, I can get it to go to the android system screen and recovery mode, but I don’t get any prompts in recovery mode to try a factory reset, it just goes back into the start-up loop.


Hi @aentwood
Try holding the power button in for a whole 2 minutes. This sometimes resets the phone that seems to be stuck. It may seem like a long time but just try it. A factory reset is a last resort fix & I don’t suggest it until all avenues are tried.


Had the same thing happen. Only recourse was to completely wipe the phone with a factory reset.


I’m having the same problem (G5+ updating to 8.1). Seems like there are some unresolved issues with this update and it should get pulled until it can be tested and fixed.


You can contact Motorola and give them your thoughts here:


Same problem here. Hello Moto keeps playing on about a 6 second loop. I don’t know how many people are being affected, but I would pull this update ASAP until the reason for this can be evaluated. In the meantime, I have no phone.


Republic doesn’t write / edit / control / disseminate or in any way control the update. If you’d like support with it or to express the issues you’re experiencing, you’ll want to talk to Motorola as indicated in the post about yours.


For others having this problem, I have wiped out the data on the phone, doing a factory reset. After which, I was able to finish the 8.1 update and recover my apps/settings from backup. Follow the instructions here:


My G5+ won’t boot into recovery mode following the hardreset instructions. It just goes back into the reboot infinite loop. I let the battery run down (took about 4 hours), then did the 30min charge, and the volume-down/power button startup. Paused briefly then went into reboot loop. Any other ideas? I really don’t like an update to effectively brick my phone.


Ralph, when my phone did this, I thought that it wasn’t going in to recovery mode either. It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t holding down the buttons long enough. The pause is followed by a bit of the reboot sound and image and THEN it will go into recovery mode. If you had been listening to that darn reboot loop for so long, I am sure you were sensitive to it like I was. Try again and hold the buttons longer. And, when you get into the android screen thing and go to factory reset, make sure you are doing the buttons in the right order (I think at that point you don’t hold them at the same time…power hold first and then volume up right after, I think). Good luck!


That did it! I was too impatient apparently. Got it into recovery mode and did the factory reset, after looking longingly at the other options. The 95 apps are reinstalling now.

Thanks for the encouragement.


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