Moto G5 Plus System Updates?

Will Lenovo issue ANY more updates for my phone? I like the phone, RW and the monthly price. The problem, as we all know, is that if the phone isn’t updated to the newest system software it’s capable of using, problems start happening with other apps and the phone service. For the last few months my phone often doesn’t ring when someone calls. Sometimes it does, but it often doesn’t. My bigger question is as I ponder getting a new phone, will or can RW address this in some meaningful way for customers? The train always moves forward with mobile tech. As customers, we need to know that our phone is going to be fully functional for more than a year. Missing calls is not a small thing as I use my phone as a phone, along with the other stuff. RW, how should customers evaluate your phones going forward? No system updates basically means you’re buying a phone that has (in tech years) a very short life. As these phones creep up in cost, that becomes a real deciding factor on which phone/company/service to go with.


About OS updates, RW has nothing to do with them and has no insight on if or when the manufacture puts out updates.

Typically, most flagship phones get major updates for up to 2yrs, mid range and budget phones, a year or so.

The only phones that are Guaranteed to get OS and security updates are the Google Pixel phones. For 3yrs they state and since Google makes the Android OS, they have the update the first Monday of every month, long before the other companies get them and have the time to test etc. If getting updates is your main concern, then you should get a Pixel 3 or 3a.

As far as you calling issues, it would be best to tackle those one issue at a time.
Do the issue happen while on wifi or cell network?
It is after long periods of time of the phone sitting unused?
Most likely, your phone is suffering from the well know issue of Doze mode.

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Also, there are still many users that will pay much more to buy one of the old 5yr old legacy phones that run a very very old version of Android that hasn’t been update in many years…just so that they can stay on the old 2.0 Refund plan.

To be absolutely clear. Your Moto G5+ would get (or not get) the exact same updates, no matter what carrier it is activated with Republic has nothing at all to do with it. That’s true for every phone usable with Republic and sold since July 2016. So in reality, while you may want to use this to drive which phone you choose, using it to decide with carrier you use doesn’t make sense because nothing changes.

After years and years, this is correct, but the G5+ runs Android 8.1 There isn’t a single app on the planet that won’t support it. Let’s get some perspective here, only 10.4% of Android phones currently out there run a version of Android newer than 8.1, while 15.4% of phones run 8.1 and a full 74.2% run an older version of android (source: So, if an app were to start, for some reason not to support 8.1 they would be excluding 89.6% of Android phones in use, not exactly smart.

As far as calling issues go, the OS version has nothing at all to do with that and the information asked for by @SpeedingCheetah can help the community help you try to solve that issue.


Thanks. This has been a huge help.

Per Lenovo’s discussion boards, the Moto G5 Plus will no longer be getting any additional security updates past February 2019.

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