Moto G5 Plus - Texting Issues new this morning

What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus (Android Version 8.1.0)

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk & Text

Issue Description

This morning my phone is having issues sending and receiving MMS texts. Regular SMS texts are fine. I have rebooted the phone, completed a system cache clearing, confirmed that the Republic Wireless App is current, wi-fi is connected, etc. All seems to be in good order. It doesn’t matter if I am sending an MMS message to a Verizon, AT & T or T-Mobile person (I don’t have any friends on Republic, so I can’t check that). I am at a loss why this is happening.

What does the cellular signal icon look like in the top right of the phone? Does it display LTE or 4G or R on top of the signal?

Looks like you went through a bunch of debug steps… one of the steps, if you haven’t done it already worth trying is

YOU’RE AMAZING!! That was the one thing I didn’t try and it worked!!! Thank you Thank you!! :grin: As a side question: Here’s a screen shot of my screen. You asked about the top right…I don’t have any of those that you listed. Why would that be?

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You’re very welcome!

While you are connected to WiFi the Cellular Signal does not show any additional information because data is prioritized over WiFi and so the phone does not use Mobile Data.

For the sake of checking you can temporarily disable WiFi and then you should see one of those markers pop up on top of your cellular signal.

Well, don’t I feel stupid? I should’ve caught that. I’m on wi-fi about 95% of the time, so I don’t notice the right corner (other than to look at the time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). It shows “LTE”. Is LTE good? Should it be something else?


Yes, LTE is good.
LTE or 4G is the best signal available for us. It indicates that you will get the fastest cellular data rate.

That’s great! Now if I can figure out how to watch the videos my friends videos (Android / Verizon). :rofl:

Thank you again!!!

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Hello again,

It started doing it again. I did like you suggested before, ##… It’s not working this time. Any new ideas?

Thank you!

I’ve done all the same steps and still do have the same problems. Do you guys have something internal going on with RW?

RW’s status page does not report any outtage

But downdetector does report some issues with T-mobile so there might be a localized outtage

What a great response.
T-Mobile is down due to the freeze and merger with Sprint. Oh boy this is gonna be bad for RW. May have to change providers again.

…and shouldnt it be RW working with the carriers directly on what the cause/reason antennas are down locally in one’s area?

Hi @johnd.eeeby0,

Please let us know exactly what issue you’re experiencing and specifically what steps you’ve taken. Let’s make sure we aren’t jumping to conclusions and overlooking something quite fixable.

This is currently happening to my wife and I.
Moto G5s Plus
Moto G5 Plus
Both refreshed wireless activation with #*#
Both on strong wifi

Hi @michaels.mts,

Can you please describe exactly what is happening? Are you getting an error when you try to send MMS, or does it looks like it sent, but didn’t really?

It just sent from both phones. Must be a carrier thing

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