Moto G5 Plus Update Question

Hey is Republic going to provide updates/support any longer to the Moto G5 Plus phones? Mine is still on Android 8.1. My fiance’ has a Moto G6 play and was updated over 6 months ago maybe longer.

Hi @danieli.e22o46 - as I understand the updates.

  1. OS updates and security patches are provided by Motorola not RW.
  2. Google apps are done through the Google Playstore system.
  3. RW does provide RW app updates.

So if you are not getting an OS update then it’s because Motorola has not issued any new ones. Others may have more insight in the OS update process.

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as for OS updates Motorola usually only gives mid-line phones like the Moto G line 1 major update and security updates for 2 years from release. in case of the Moto G5 Plus it came with 7.0 and it’s major update is 8.1, where the Moto G6 Play came with 8.0 and it’s updated to 9.0

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Some more insight.

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Officially, Motorola no longer supports the Moto G5 plus which includes security updates.


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