Moto G5 Plus USB Port Wearout & Replacement

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Moto G5 Plus

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Issue Description

I’ve had a Moto G5 Plus for just over 2 years now have have loved it. About 6 months ago I started having intermittent charging issues. Today, I can’t get the phone to charge at all.

I’ve tried multiple cables and chargers and the original cable/charger that came with the phone appears to be able to charge other USB-C devices in the house just fine. I’ve tried cleaning the port to no avail. I suspect the fingers are worn out on the connector. Unfortunately, unlike prior Moto phones, the USB port is hard soldered to the mother board, so the port is not replaceable without some risk of permanent damage.

It seems a shame to have to trash a otherwise perfectly functional phone, so I thought I would com ask the community:

  1. Is there something else I’m missing or that you think I should try on the repair front before I take drastic measures?
  2. If things go poorly on the repair front, is there a phone you all would recommend as a replacement? ($300 or so max)

Thanks all!

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