Moto g5 plus wifi calling signal strength -109 dbm 31 asu

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Problem with wifi calling. Party can not here me on call. Had provider examine my house connection and stated everything was fine, It appears the phone is at 109 dbm which is not good. The dbm is much better than that. An apps states my dbm is approx -80 dbm. In summary the phone is not receiving a better dbm.

I’m not sure what problem you’re trying to solve. What’s the issue? You phone isn’t receiving your wifi signal as strongly as you think it should?

Trying to find out wifi calling is not working correctly

Some questions to help try to understand the problem your experiencing (as this appears to be a new wrinkle in the WiFi world and a bit interesting)

  1. I am assuming this was your ISP that resulted in " examine my house connection and stated everything was fine"?
  2. Does the ISP provide the Modem/Router? if so, knowing what Make/Model/ver would help
  3. Do you know what device/method they used to determine the RX level at the WiFi Router?
  4. If you run the Hardware Test for Wi-Fi does it pass? found in :appsicon: :motohelp: Fix Tab/Hardware Test/Wi-Fi
  5. Does this fail with other WiFi (work, McD, Starbucks

ETA: My understanding, if your receive level at your phone -80dBm then most would consider that not good, and the Republic system should be augmenting that with Cell data (part of the Bonded Calling feature
Here is an infographic to summarize the levels

question 1 yes put a meter and also check thru their app

Question 2 arris tg1682g

Question 3 two ways first go to setting on phone then about phone then go status then go to sim status. at this point it gives you the wifi signal strength my phone states -111 dbm 29 asu. Also have app called coverage map

Question 4 no problem with test

Question 5 Do not make wifi calling from public places Will try to test

Thanks for the feedback. Will review all later.
However here is a response to Q3

  • Testing as you did in Q3 on my Moto X Pure appears to indicate shows the signal that is the Cellular network and not WiFi
    It shows: Signal strength: -117dBm 23 asu Cellular network type: LTE and Cellular state: Disconnected (which is what I expect as I am on WiFi
    • Using Network Cell info Lite, I verfied that my LTE signal was ~115/7 … it was varying but about the same as the SIM Status showed
    • Checking my Ubiquiti AP it shows the receive level of the signal from my phone at ~ -56dBm (Network Cell shows the AP signal at ~45 dBm)
      ETA: Quick check of the Arris tg1682g, it looks like they don’t document any user available stats that we could use to verify what level it is seeing your phone at.
  • ?? Have you verified the failure on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands (assuming that you have different names/SSID’s)
  • I assume you have other WiFi connected devices that are connected and working fine?
    • If so, you might consider turning them all off and then try reconnecting your phone (Forget/Connect would be best)

Sorry you are right on question 3. However my coverage map app still shows bad signal for wifi. It should be noted that in the mourning the download and upload speed is great . In the the afternoon it is approx half the speed of the morning. Also if you read the support forum for Motorola there is posting relative to problems with wifi on the moto g5 plus
Have tried both 2.4 and 5 ghz and problem is the same

I have already done a reset on the network and reconnect

In summary there is a problem with the way Republic routes the calls thru wifi and the T mobile towers.
There could be to much traffic also
It should be noted that I have replaced my Moto g5 plus thinks it was the phone. No change with new phone.

I am not yet convinced that it’s a phone or republic issue. I use my G5 plus phone on both 2.4 and 5GHz networks, with no calling issues.

If I were debugging this, I’d start with the router. A three digit signal strength tells me that you are too far away from your router, or there is some significant interference. Recall that this number reflects the connection from your phone to ypur router. If that’s a ooor connection, you will never achieve decent upload/download speeds.

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Two feet away from router It appears router is not the problem

Like I said before Motorola forum states that there have been reported problems with wifi call on the Moto g5 plus

In regards to interference I have changed my cordless to the latest technology Dec 6.0
The coverage map app indicates that wifi signal not good I still feel itis a republic problem… I live the Boston area. Maybe where you live there is better routing and result in better wifi calls.

The coverage map is not the WiFi signal. It’s the cell tower coverage/signal strength. The WiFi signal is between your router and your phone. Are you looking to get a better cell signal, WiFi signal, or both?

I’m not trying to pick a fight, but if the WiFi signal strength is not good, then it’s your phone and/or your router. I’d head to another site (friend, neighbor, local library) and do some testing with your phone. Also, have someone with a different phone connect to your router.

How close you are to the router is not as important as many other factors. The thing I see as the #1 problem is ‘Location’ of your router and its proximity to others is key. In the US (2.4 GHz) there are only 3 channels available that do not overlap or interfere with others, these are channels 1/6/11. Unfortunately this concept is not too well understood or respected.
You have already done Quick Start Step 1 (Power Cycle) … now if we could move to Quick Start #2 in Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide there is some information on Channel Selection.

  • Please install a WiFi Signal Analyzer and provide a screenshot of the results (please note the name/SSID of your router so we can examine what your phone is seeing.

Cover map does have a feature to evaluate call performance.

Could you provide the link to ‘Cover Map’ … it is not something that I have seen discussed in the community nor tried myself, so I wouldn’t comment on what it is showing you.

In play store

Ok, RootMetrics the owner of ‘Coverage Map’ I am familiar with, and often recommend to users for comparing Sprint to T-Mobile when having problems with Cell coverage. They don’t provide WiFi coverage, and that is what I am under the impression you are having problems with?


Do not understand (They don’t provide WiFi coverage, and that is what I am under the impression you are having problems with?)

Bottom line When making wifi calls the other party cannot hear me. This not happen on every call. It happens often in the afternoon. There must be a reason. Comcast stated everything is fine . This leads me to believe that either Republic or the phone hardware has problems. I believe it is republic because of the way they are routing the calls wifi and then thru cellular towers. Coverage map indicates that the wifi signal is at -84 dbm

Apparently you don’t understand the map is only for the cell signal and has nothing to do with your WiFi signal. Try installing SignalCheck Lite app to see what your signal is from your router. It will also indicate your cell signal.

Please do this and report your findings. Thanks.


I think we need some basic definition here:

Wifi: A local connection provided by your ISP or a local business. This is what you get from your router at home from your cable connection, at a Starbucks, or the public library, etc. No one publishes a signal strength system for these because most wifi is private and wifi provided by businesses don’t really extend much outside the business. (amoungst other reasons)

Cellular: What you get from your cellular provider. In this case, Republic provides you service on one of their cellular partners. The map you’re looking at is providing you signal strength measurements for this. I would note, that the map you’ve provided the screenshot shows “1 data point” essentially rendering what you’re looking at useless. It’s like trying to predict the results of an election by talking to one voter.

The quality of your calls on wifi has nothing to do with cellular signal strength. The two are unrelated.

If we could move to Quick Start #2 in Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide there is some information on Channel Selection.

Please install a WiFi Signal Analyzer and provide a screenshot of the results (please note the name/SSID of your router so we can examine what your phone is seeing.

ETA: Here is a screenshot from the app Network Cell Mini … this app show both the levels and other pertinent data for both Cell and the WiFi as seen by your phone. This was taken on my Moto X Pure an Republics GSM carrier and connected to the 5GHz channel on my Ubiquiti UniFi® AP HD, 802.11ac Wave 2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point

  • Perhaps if you installed this app and posted back a screenshot we could help determine the state of your environment and provide some guidance

I have made adjustment to what channel I use on 2.4 ghz I now use channel 11 verus 6. ON 5.0 GHZ I use channel 36. There could be a lot interference on channel 6 because cordless phones use channel 6 and a lot neighbors use channel 6. Should know in a couple of days if this fixes my problem

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