Moto G5 plus won't connect to cell network and no response to my open ticket

I bought a Moto G5 Plus for my daughter for high school this week. It is not working on the CDMA network. I opened a ticket and RW isn’t responding anymore to my open ticket. Has anyone else recently purchased a phone for a CDMA network and it won’t connect to the cell network?

Very poor response from RW help staff.

Hi @tods,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Would you be kind enough to share the ticket number and when Republic staff last responded on the open ticket? That information is here when signed into your Republic account: Republic Help.

Hi @tods,

I apologize for the delay in response. Your ticket is being reviewed now by a technician. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

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Your ticket originally was part of a master ticket. The master ticket was for an issue that has subsequently been resolved. That is why you didn’t get a response. The issue is that there was an unexpected build for the G5 that would not activate for us or out CDMA partner.

Your current issue may be different so I asked our technical assistance team to split your ticket out of the group ticket so we can continue working it.

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I have uploaded what the technician asked for and I haven’t heard anything back. When will this issue be resolved?

Hi @tods

Were you able to get this issue resolved?.

No…Still have the issue

Oh wow, sorry to hear that.

Would you mind posting your ticket number?..(note: we cannot see any personal content but can use the number for reference).

Due to the personal info filters, you will need to place it in the </> format in the editor, or just put spaces between the numerals.

120 5 563

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Great, thank you @tods. Requested support review your situation and they will take another look. You should have a response soon.


Appears I have the same issue same phone. Purchased from RW a few months ago and I didn’t activate until now. Ticket in. Was the issue resolved on the OP’s phone? Worried :frowning:

There is no way to know since op never came back and said if his issue was resolved or not. Most likely it was resolved through his help ticket. Just wait for the reply to your ticket.

Hi @c2ab97b7-13e8-4a19-b,

(Would you like a more pronounceable username?)

Your ticket has a reply as well as an option for you to call in (assuming you have another phone available) for assistance. Our ticket responses are not meant to be in real time, so an agent will respond as they are available. Please don’t be worried, we’ll get things taken care of.

Thanks. Hoping I didn’t get a bad phone or SIM card. Waiting.

Thanks. It won’t let me call unless on wifi which I don’t have at home. Currently at the library where calls aren’t allowed. I’ll be coming back to check my email tomorrow I guess. Patiently (sort of) waiting.


I’m sorry to read that you don’t have Wi-Fi at home, and have been waiting. I wish we had known that sooner.
Is the library closing? Someone is looking at your ticket now.

If you’ll reply here when you are online and available tomorrow, I’ll try to make sure the team knows you are standing by.

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Same issue here with the Moto g5+

Very frustrating to find it is a recurring problem over the last year or so.

Hi @lauram.77,

I have two Moto G5+ phones in my family and have not experienced any issues with being unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If you’d like to give us some details about what you’re experiencing, I’ll move your post to its own topic and our Community can troubleshoot with you.

It’s not the wifi. THe error message is “Cellular network not available for voice calls.”

Been waiting several hours for tech support to respond to my ticket.

Thank you. Sorry, I’m not sure what made me think this topic was about Wi-Fi. Neither of my phones have an issue with cellular connectivity, either. This isn’t to say that you are not having a problem, but only that this isn’t some sort of universal issue with all G5+ phones that has spanned a year.

Since you already have a ticket, it will be best to focus troubleshooting there. I’ve reviewed the ticket and am confused by what exactly is going on. Do you think you could add details in your ticket about what steps you’re taking when you’re seeing this error?

We are experiencing an activation issue with some of our phones which has created a high ticket volume, so our response times are a bit slower than normal today.

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