Moto G5+ question re app web access


Hi there to all, thanks for looking at my question.

I recently migrated to this phone and this plan. On my old republic phone, I could go into the Republic App and restrict certain applications from accessing the internet when WiFi wasn’t available. This doesn’t seem to be a feature on the new app/phone. How do I accomplish the same task?




in 3.0 app Republic does not support this feature (they need deep access to the ROM to control the data the way they where)

there are 3rd party apps (like the one link below) that do have this feature


You’re correct, on the new phones this isn’t an option. This is because moved out of the operating system and would be duplicating the functionality of a number of other solutions out there. Here’s the solution I use:


Perfect, thanks! Works like a charm


Hi @davidb.x8inbb,

And, just to complete your options if use of a third party app is not your preference for this, Android does now have a Data saver feature built into the operating system. Unlike the third party apps suggested by @drm186 and @louisdi, Android’s built-in feature blocks background cell data use but not foreground (while the app is actively being used on your phone’s screen) cell data use.

Data saver may be turned on at Settings -> Data usage -> Data saver. Once toggled on, you’ll want to allow the Republic Wireless app to have Unrestricted data access. Additionally, I suggest allowing Republic Anywhere or other text messaging app also have Unrestricted data access.


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