Moto G5 Ring Tone

What phone do you have? Moto G5 plus

What plan are you on? Talk and data $22 /month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

The ring tone randomly stops working. I turn the phone off and on several times and it comes back. When I turn the phone on it does not always play sound.When it doesn’t play sound the ring tone does not work, However the other sound elements do work. I.d like to have this fixed,
This has been happening over my ownership of the phone About 5 years. Seems to be getting worse.

Hi @johnv.0mfgla and welcome to the Member Community. We 're running Moto G6’s and do not have any direct experience with the Moto G5 Plus. A quick search makes me wonder if the issue you describe is related to the following. Especially since you state this has been happening over your ownership of the phone.

I don’t know any of the things you may have done to try and fix the issue. Another thread mentions that others have had success resolving some audio issues by clearing the cache.

Hopefully other Members with the same phone will respond with any solutions they might have found.

I had a Moto G5 for awhile. It too had that ascending ring feature. I hated that, I missed calls all the time. I don’t believe it can be turned off. I only kept that phone for a year or so. That was my last Moto phone. I now use a Samsung S10. It is an excellent phone! I wouldn’t have believed the difference if I hadn’t experienced it. You can pick one up from RW for $749. Believe me it’s worth every penny.

Thanks for the suggested helps. Here is whatI did. I restarted and or reloaded the opperaring system for my Moto5 Plus. It turned out to be as if it were a new phone, I did get back all my contacts. I got only the automatic apps. I had to reload many others. My reason for thedrastic action was that my ring tone would not work. This was happening off and on for years. The reset seemed to work. It took a kot of time but noe the phone seems ro work as it should.

Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

Glad to hear you got the phone working like new again. A Factory Reset is sometimes used as a last resort to correct unusual issues. Glad this worked for you and that you came back to share with the Community. This might help someone else experiencing the same issue.

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