Moto g5+ slow, text input lags, apps quitting, error messages, battery draining fast

What phone do you have? Moto G5 plus, OS: Android 8.1.0, 32 GB

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All of that.

I also have a 128GB micro sd card installed

Issue Description

I have always loved this phone (purchased new from RW in mid-April 2017) and really like RW as a provider. About 2+ months ago (it was shortly after an update or security patch) I noticed my phone’s battery life declining. Texting in any app was occasionally laggy, but not a real problem. Slowly the other things started happening like my gps/maps app would quit if I checked FB or texts (I was not the driver, FYI). Now I am having intermittent problems with almost all my apps, but especially Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Kindle (lagging, quitting, freezing up, blank screens, error messages, text jumping up/down while I scroll) and my camera shutter lags terribly sometimes. (I have joked about buying an Otter box protective case so that I could throw the phone occasionally, lol). It’s very frustrating.

I have an open help ticket at the moment, but it looks like I’m headed for a factory reset (and I’m doubtful it will work). So far I have cleared the system cache, tested the battery via Republic’s instructions, tested the phone in Safe Mode, provided RW technicians with a list of the apps installed on the phone. I have also run a Moto hardware test. Everything checks out as okay, but my phone is NOT okay.

Help? Do phones get viruses? Would a factory reset help if that’s what this is?

If you’ve taken the time to read this tome, I thank you. :grin:

Its the battery failing.

Hi @patriciam.bgystb

They can but not likely, and yes a factory reset should wipe a virus.
Again, I don’t think you have a virus… but it’s not unheard of a patch messing up a phone (or computer for that matter).

A failing battery should not show:

Those sound like OS issues, and since you tried:

I would do the factory reset.
Let us know how it turns out! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: you might see if taking out the SD card makes a difference first. :thinking:


Hello again, and thank you!
@SuperT, regarding the SD card:
Last night I backed up everything, including the data on the SD card. I also deleted several apps that were stored on the card. Then I reformatted the SD card as portable storage. I logged in to Facebook from the browser afterwards and did not have the normal problems. I did the same for Instagram this morning (normally I couldn’t even scroll down the page on IG) with no problems.

I am cautiously optimistic. :crossed_fingers:

I will wait and see what happens over a few days. If I continue to have the problems, I will do a factory reset. But if not, I am a really happy camper! :grin::+1:



Captains Log Update 091919 :wink::vulcan_salute:

The phone still has issues, but they are relatively minor compared to what had been going on. A couple of the apps still shut down if I navigate the options. I’m still getting jumpy, stuttering text while reading articles on certain sites. I have not reinstalled FB (and its Messenger app) or Instagram, but am using the mobile browser versions instead (definitely not as convenient, lol).

I have a trip coming up that will take me out of the USA (I will have very minimal wifi access during this trip), so I’m thinking I’ll try the factory reset before I go and then install something like WhatsApp for texting, calling, and sharing pics while I’m away.

Anything I should know before I reset the phone? I think everything is backed up. :crossed_fingers:

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