Moto g5+ slow, text input lags, apps quitting, error messages, battery draining fast

What phone do you have? Moto G5 plus, OS: Android 8.1.0, 32 GB

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All of that.

I also have a 128GB micro sd card installed

Issue Description

I have always loved this phone (purchased new from RW in mid-April 2017) and really like RW as a provider. About 2+ months ago (it was shortly after an update or security patch) I noticed my phone’s battery life declining. Texting in any app was occasionally laggy, but not a real problem. Slowly the other things started happening like my gps/maps app would quit if I checked FB or texts (I was not the driver, FYI). Now I am having intermittent problems with almost all my apps, but especially Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Kindle (lagging, quitting, freezing up, blank screens, error messages, text jumping up/down while I scroll) and my camera shutter lags terribly sometimes. (I have joked about buying an Otter box protective case so that I could throw the phone occasionally, lol). It’s very frustrating.

I have an open help ticket at the moment, but it looks like I’m headed for a factory reset (and I’m doubtful it will work). So far I have cleared the system cache, tested the battery via Republic’s instructions, tested the phone in Safe Mode, provided RW technicians with a list of the apps installed on the phone. I have also run a Moto hardware test. Everything checks out as okay, but my phone is NOT okay.

Help? Do phones get viruses? Would a factory reset help if that’s what this is?

If you’ve taken the time to read this tome, I thank you. :grin:

Its the battery failing.

Hi @patriciam.bgystb

They can but not likely, and yes a factory reset should wipe a virus.
Again, I don’t think you have a virus… but it’s not unheard of a patch messing up a phone (or computer for that matter).

A failing battery should not show:

Those sound like OS issues, and since you tried:

I would do the factory reset.
Let us know how it turns out! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: you might see if taking out the SD card makes a difference first. :thinking:


Hello again, and thank you!
@SuperT, regarding the SD card:
Last night I backed up everything, including the data on the SD card. I also deleted several apps that were stored on the card. Then I reformatted the SD card as portable storage. I logged in to Facebook from the browser afterwards and did not have the normal problems. I did the same for Instagram this morning (normally I couldn’t even scroll down the page on IG) with no problems.

I am cautiously optimistic. :crossed_fingers:

I will wait and see what happens over a few days. If I continue to have the problems, I will do a factory reset. But if not, I am a really happy camper! :grin::+1:



Captains Log Update 091919 :wink::vulcan_salute:

The phone still has issues, but they are relatively minor compared to what had been going on. A couple of the apps still shut down if I navigate the options. I’m still getting jumpy, stuttering text while reading articles on certain sites. I have not reinstalled FB (and its Messenger app) or Instagram, but am using the mobile browser versions instead (definitely not as convenient, lol).

I have a trip coming up that will take me out of the USA (I will have very minimal wifi access during this trip), so I’m thinking I’ll try the factory reset before I go and then install something like WhatsApp for texting, calling, and sharing pics while I’m away.

Anything I should know before I reset the phone? I think everything is backed up. :crossed_fingers:

I think this will be my last entry on this thread. I still have not done the factory reset but I’m getting improved battery life and less stutter and lag.

The most recent thing I did was to download “Android file transfer” onto my computer, connect my phone via USB, and remove/back up a bunch of files and things that I wasn’t sure needed to be in my phone. It seems to have been the final step in a multi step fix. I’m pretty satisfied with how the phone is working now. I have reinstalled Facebook and Instagram and everything is working so far.

I think removing the SD card as internal storage, and connecting my computer in order to backup and remove questionable apps and files were the two most potent fixes along this path. The other housekeeping steps probably didn’t hurt either.

Thanks for everyone’s input and support! :nerd_face::+1:


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