Moto G5, suddenly says needs activation

Moto G5, initially says not activated, now after multiple restarts says “Restart required” Republic activation is nearly complete…

Tapping on it brings me to the setup voicemail screen in the republic app. I have the republic icon and a triangle exclamation in the upper left status on the screen.

Everything otherwise seems ok. This started after I did a restart because a text was not being sent.


Hi @michaelc.ry136r,

I understand, you restarted the phone, however, that was before you saw the activation message? If so and the activation message is still there, please try restarting the phone again? Does the activation message go away?

I restarted at least 4x, and the message remained. Now, 1.5 hours later, the exclamation point and message are gone. I wonder if this just was some RW backend weirdness?

Hi @michaelc.ry136r,

Generally, any widespread backend weirdness would be reported on Republic’s status page linked here:

Until and unless the issue were to reoccur, there’s not much point in further troubleshooting. Here’s hoping it was just a transient glitch that doesn’t reappear.

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