Moto G5+ Will Not Block Calls Not in List of Contacts

Same problem as reported April 2019.
Any improvements made to the software at Republic?

This would need to be an Android or Motorola feature. Republic Wireless would not be involved. You might find a third party app to whitelist only calls from those in your contact list.


Oh well. It’s time to do an app search.

Thanks for quick reply!

First, Republic’s software has nothing to do with this. Second, the Moto G5+ no longer gets updates from Motorola. There will be no changes to the feature/functions of the Moto G5+ in the future.

That said, your phone has Do Not Disturb mode. You could turn that on the mode that only allows calls from contacts to ring the phone. The other calls would still come through, but silently.

Both of our Moto G5+ phones are connected via BlueTooth to a Panasonic cordless system, so any call/text gets announced wherever we have a cordless phone at the residence.

We are in our 70s and do not carry cell phone with us all day. Home phone is a VOIP connection. We do all of our text stuff via Anywhere on various computers.

Sure could use any app recommendation on anyone experienced with a Call Blocker Android app!

(Yeah, I realize cordless phone systems are getting rare.)

I’m not sure an app with a whitelist feature exists for Android phones. Hiya seems to indicate that it has that feature, but it’s a pay service, and some feedback indicates that whitelisting doesn’t actually work.

What you’re asking for isn’t very common. Most people want to get calls for doctor appointments and such, which may come from a number not in their contact list.

I would think there would be a way to turn off text announcements on your cordless phone set. One post on Amazon had this information:

You can disable the Text Message Alert feature by pressing MENU, #, 6, 1, 0, 1, choose “Off”, then press the SAVE button. Full details can be found in the below link.

True, and we do an un-common thing like never giving out mobile number to anyone except extended family, close friends.
Doctor’s office calls our $9.99/mo. Spectrum VOIP home number and leave a voice mail that subsequently is instantly emailed to each of us as an audio file we can hear on of Moto phones.

And the text msg alerts we hear on all 6 of our cordless phones work well int the house & yard.

The problem I’m trying to solve is all those voice calls on the Moto’s that are trying to extend my car warranty! Oh well.

Update on blocking voice calls not in my contacts list:
Trying the Stop Call Me app to see if that helps!

Good luck. I haven’t found anything that stops the car warranty calls (but if their whitelisting works, it should do the trick). Just as an FYI, the Stop Call Me app developer, MGLab, is based in Russia. Not that it’s a bad thing. I just like to know as much about the apps I install as possible.

Whew…thanks for the heads-up on software developer location!
Almost as bad as TikTok’s!

Back to my app search!

BTW, must be some new laws on the books; since 1/1/21 spam calls have nose-dived.

Hi @garyb.tiqdmy,

Not that I’m aware of. Blocking spammers and scammers has been and remains a game of whack-a-mole. The moles are simply resting up for the next wave.

Hi @garyb.tiqdmy,

Do you have Republic’s spam call blocking enabled on your phone?

Yes, but it’s near useless, based on my experience with two phones currently in use.

I’m sorry to hear it doesn’t seem to make a difference for you. Keep it enabled, please. It’s blocking tens of thousands of calls daily, and we’re constantly working on improvements.

Are any of the calls manned by humans or all they all robocalls? Could you try to get one or two of them to tell you what number they are calling? I’d like to see if perhaps your phone has an underlying number that is heavily impacted by these calls.

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Oh yes, I do leave it enabled. Blocked stuff isn’t logged, so I gotta trust it.
Wife and I do NOT answer any callers that we do not recognize.
A few leave a voicemail.

We text our local family of 14 quite often.
Each of us is in their contacts list.

8 of the 14 are teens. I suspect the teens install loads of apps that look at the contact information on their phones and sell those numbers to others that sell car warranties, medical plans, etc.

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