Moto G5s first impressions



Moto G5S First Impressions

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Right out of the box the box, I hate it. Reason: the keyboard is too small for my hands. I am not an NFL type but I have done serious work with my hands and they show it. I had a first generation Moto X and I could only use the tiny keyboard with a stylus. I thought the new phone would have a larger screen and more area to work with but to my chagrin, Republic bases screen size off the diagonal so the new phone is no improvement over the original. It has nice features as long as I don’t use the web or text… Lesson learned.

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For what it’s worth this is standard industry practice and Republic receives its information from the manufacturers.

Perhaps, rotating the screen from portrait to landscape would provide more keyboard space?


For accuracy’s sake. ALL MANUFACTURER’s of phones, TVs, monitors, picture frames, etc measure on the diagonal. It actually has nothing to do with Republic.

That being said the X1 was 4.7" (9.44" of area) and the G5s is 5.5" (12.92" of area). Both are 16:9 format so the screen on the G5s+ has a 36.86% larger screen.


The Nexus 6 is the best phone I’ve ever used where virtual keyboard space is concerned.


I have the G5+ which has a 5.2" screen. I believe the G5S+ has a 5.5" screen.

That said, the person who started the thread could go to the Google Play app and search for big keyboard. There are several free ones to download and try.


Thanks, was looking at bad information from pre-release. Updated above.


If you’re using GBoard you can adjust the height of the keyboard in GBoard Settings.


Does the GS5+ have expandable memory?


Yes it does, up to 128 GB [from Motorola website]