Moto G5S+ International Capabilities?



I am looking at upgrading from my old MotoG3 to the Moto G5S+. I just got back from my 6-week stay in China, and t would have been fabulous if I had been able to buy and use a foreign SIM card while there.
I am new to the idea of unlocked phones, but based on my perusal of the forums, I am under the impression that the Moto G5S+ that Republic would sell me is factory-unlocked. I have noticed that unlocked phones are specified between “international” and “North American” versions. What difference does this refer to?
The bottom line, I suppose, is will this unlocked phone (is the 65S+ unlocked, like I’m assuming it is?) allow me to use a foreign SIM card in the future? What else does “unlocked” device enable me to do that I can’t do with my outdated G3?

I will be eternally grateful for a brief explanation of these concepts! Thank you!


Hi @hkarine,

North American phones are generally intended to be sold for the U.S. and Canadian markets. International variants are intended to be sold for use in other parts of the world. Though legal to import them to the U.S. this is typically done without the manufacturer’s approval. In any event, Republic supports no international variants. Supported phones are listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

To answer your specific question regarding use of an international SIM when traveling outside the U.S., yes the newer North American factory unlocked phones may be activated on the network of any service provider (domestic or international) willing to do so in addition to Republic. More on traveling internationally with a Republic phone here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


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