Moto G5s not recognized by PC for photo download


For some reason my Windows 10 laptop no longer sees my phone when connected by USB. It only thinks it is connected to charge. I tried all three of my USB ports. Any idea how to get this connections to download photos and movies?


Quick question. Is your phone unlocked when you are looking at it?

Once its unlocked, is it recognized?

Once unlocked at the home screen, if you swipe down to show notifications, do you see a USB notification at the bottom of the list?

If so tap the USB notification, and see if you can switch from Media, to Camera mode, then back to media, and see if that allows you to see the directories.

Also I have one USB cable that doesn’t work for attaching to PC, so perhaps try a different cable.


Thank you for the ideas. The phone was unlocked when I tried and it was not recognized. I tried a different cable and that solved the problem. But I also needed to know to swipe down to select what to do with the USB connection so that was also good information. Problem solved, thank you.

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