Moto G5s Plus Cell Antenna


I have a new G5s Plus and I find the cell reception is not nearly as good as my old G4 Play. We have some rual property where I always had at least one bar on the G4. Conversely, the G5s has no service at all. I have to drive 5 miles closer to a highway to get service. Do ad on aftermarket antennas work and how well?


Hello @ericp.yrc1ai
a Cell signal booster (signal amplifier) do work but in small areas (usually a small building or vehicle) (
any other type of boost I think are more placebo effects
do you know which backbone carrier your devices are using (I wondering if they are on different backbone carriers (CDMA {Sprint} or GSM {T-Mobile})
can you dial #*#*786*#*# on each phone and tell us if the screen clears out or is you get a Sprint menu screen?
if you post zip code and we can double check your coverage
CDMA Republic Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
CDMA Carrier
GSM Republic Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
GSM Carrier


Ok, dialed ##786##. My phone said number was not allowed. My zip is 39573. Thanks for the help.


this tells us that the phone is using the GSM network (T-Mobile) and from the coverage maps it does not look good

the good news is that the Moto G5S Plus can be converted to use the CDMA partner (Sprint) via a support ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless (a new SIM will be sent out by support)


Yeah, I looked at the maps and Coverage looked very spotty. I’ll go for the new SIM card. Thanks so much for your help!!


Hi @ericp.yrc1ai,

Just to clarify, when you open your support ticket (or by reply, if you’ve already opened it) please explain your situation to our support team and include 2-3 addresses where you typically use the phone and have experienced issues.

Our support team will thoroughly research your situation and will take the next steps to improve your coverage if possible. This may mean sending a new SIM card, but sometimes other solutions are indicated.

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