Moto G5S Plus compatibility


Is the new G5S coming out going to be compatible? I realize it’s pretty much a slightly better G5 plus so I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but I couldn’t find any specific information on the site about it.


At the present time the answer is no, it is not compatible. As to whether Republic will end up supporting it, we have no information at this time.


You will find all the ‘Announcements’ published at the link below, just access it once then select ‘Watching First Post’ near the top right


Hi @rundra,

Whenever new phones are added, in addition to announcing support in the category @jben linked, we will also update our documentation at:


Hello SP.

This phone is discounted for preordering right now. Please don’t wait until the discount has expired to announce support.
Thank you.


Republic hardly ever announces phones before they launch so don’t count on the discount unless you take a risk of it not being compatible.


It is still discounted and is on the list of BYOP phones. Thanks Republic.


Hi @capecoddah,

We must abide by contractual terms and we must be assured our own testing is complete before we make announcements, so the timelines of discounts cannot be a factor in our decision to announce.

I’m very, very glad it worked out for you, though!


Hi. Looking for new phones for my kids at Christmas. I have the Moto G5 Plus and like it, but we had significant issues getting it set up initially because of issues that were known (to Republic) at the time I purchased my phone.

I am assuming that those issues have been resolved by now (7 months later).

I was looking at the Moto G5s Plus for the kids, but in the specs it still says that CDMA is “temporarily” unavailable. Am I going to have issues with this as well?


Hi @jimb.269r72, were your initial issues specifically coverage, and solved with a CDMA phone or SIM? If so, then yes, the coverage on the G5S+ is GSM-only at this time, and may not be a good fit for you.


Hi southpaw,

I never got an answer about what the actual problem was, but it took weeks of emails and phone calls to support to get the phone to connect. I finally got them to admit that it was a known bug with the phone… they had about 100 other people with the same issue. They said it was something that Motorola needed to fix. The ended up sending me a new SIM card, but the issue was resolved a day before it arrived so I never used it.

When I see “temporarily unavailable” in the specs of the G5S+, it makes me afraid that I am going to go through it again. I really don’t know the differences/advantages between GSM and CDMA. I just want the phone to work out of the box. If it will connect with GSM and then add CDMA later, that is fine.

My quick Google of GSM vs CDMA indicates that Sprint (Republic’s network) is CDMA which would seem to indicate that the phone would not work. If that is so, why is Republic selling a phone on their website that does not work on their network!?!?


Republic has 2 carrier partners for the 3.0 phones and plans
one is CDMA (Sprint) the other is GSM (T-Mobile) {Republic is legally not allowed to declare the GSM Partner so you will not see in in any official document or from an employee}

edit : to clarify there are 2 partners but once one selected the phone does not switch between them it’s one or the other.


Ok… that makes me feel a little better…



Was this experience with the Moto E4. If so, yes there was a bug, which a software update from Motorola resolved.

Republic works with two network partners for provisioning cellular coverage. Some (but not all) phones supported by Republic may be provisioned with one or the other but not both simultaneously. More on coverage from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.

See above.

If I’m right about your current phone being a Moto E4, then it also is limited at this time to being provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner. We expect to see CDMA as an option by year end for both the E4 and G5S+. If your coverage experience on the E4 is now good, the experience on the G5+ would be the same.


The phone I had the problem with was a Moto G5+


Oops, sorry then coverage may of may not be the same currently on a G5S+. Do you know whether the G5+ is provisioned with Republic’s GSM or CDMA partner. If uncertain, dial *#*#786#*#* One of two things will happen:

  1. Nothing = GSM
  2. You see a “SprintDM” menu = CDMA

Out of curiosity, I’m unaware of a Motorola bug on the G5+. Were you seeing an X or ! next the the cell signal bars?


Nothing happened… assume it is GSM.

The problem was about 7 months ago so I don’t remember all that happened, but I think it was a !. I was unable to make or receive calls. I went through online support for several days until I demanded and phone number to call in so I could talk to someone… Spent about an hour with them on the phone…twice…still didn’t work… ended up back online with support.

This all took a week or two. I had been nice all along…just wanted to get it working…finally got angry and sent a nasty email and got a response admitting that it was a known issue with the phone and that they had about 100 other customers working through the same issue.

All of this just made me more angry because they were still selling the phone when they knew there was a problem with it Seems to me they should have pulled the phone until it was fixed.

Anyway, like I said, they finally got a fix from Motorola and the phone just started working all on its own.

This could all be something completely unrelated…but seeing that note about it being temporarily unavailable just made me nervous…I just wanted to avoid the same problem if possible.

Thanks for your help.


I’m not disputing anything you’ve said and must have simply missed that particular bug. I’m sorry to hear the resolution experience wasn’t as elegant as one would hope for but happy it was ultimately resolved.

It’s entirely different. The G5S+ requires a different CDMA SIM than the G5+. Republic is working with Sprint to get that new SIM up and running. The expectation is year-end.

The good news is if your experience today is good with Republic’s GSM partner, your experience with the G5S+ on GSM will be just as good. And, yes, nothing confirms your G5+ is provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner not Sprint.


Hi @jimb.269r72,

I remember the issue now, and I’m sorry no one gave you a full explanation. We received a batch of SIM cards that were not correctly provisioned, but it was quite a mystery to us for some time and took some investigation to determine that was the cause. A replacement SIM would have solved the the issue, but the existing SIM cards were able to be remotely reprovisioned, which is how the problem was solved without your needing the new SIM card.

This is absolutely correct! I genuinely appreciate your willingness to go a second round with us, after the previous experience you described. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this easier for you, or if you have any issues along the way.


Ok… well I just ordered 2 G5S+ for my kids for Christmas… If I have trouble, I’m coming after you :grinning: