Moto G5s plus - No audio alert for incoming calls or texts. have call & text plan, no data


What phone do you have? Moto G5s plus

What plan are you on? talk & text only plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk & text

Issue Description

Phone has no audio alert for incoming calls or text


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Is there by any chance a “no entry” :no_entry_sign: icon at the top of the screen, or a “vibrate” :vibrate: icon?

You were very specific to indicate no “audio” alert - do you see a visual notification?

Is this a phone that you’ve just started using and it has never had an an audible notification during the time you’ve had it, or is it a new problem on a phone that had been working until now?


Phone is a little over a year and half old. Brought the phone new. Problem started in the last week or so. I have no visual notification at the top of phone.


If you open the Settings app, tap Sound, then Phone Ringtone, and select different ringtones, do you hear any of them? If so, make sure the Ringtone and Notification settings are set to something you can hear.

If you stream audio - like Pandora or a YouTube video, do you hear anything?

Is there any way to answer the phone when a call is coming in?


Thanks. Phone now has incoming calls ring tone

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