Moto G5S Plus or something else?

RW has this phone for $279, just wondering if this is the best phone for the money that RW offers? Also, does a SIM card come installed in the phone if I buy from RW or do I have to add my own. I’m a current RW member with an old Moto X on a very old classic plan. I want to try out the GSM coverage since CDMA (sprint) is kind of unrelialble where I live.

Republic may or may not have a sale on this phone but this is the current price at Republic
If you purchase a phone from Republic it will come with a SIM card, if you purchase from a 3rd party you will need a BYOD SIM (as the old phones SIM are CDMA and need to stay with the old phone) which is currently cost $0 with free (but slow) shipping
the SIM can also be gotten on amazon

I would note that Motorola has the Moto G5S Plus for less on it’s site ($229 for the 32 GB storage with 3 GB RAM version and $249 for the 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM) these are compatible with Republic BYOD program

I will also note that Motorola has the Moto X4 for $299 right now also. this is also compatible with Republic BYOD program

Costco is selling the 32 mb g5+ for 179.99. Of course, you have to be a member. I went from the first gen Moto X to the G5+ and I’m very happy with it.

the 32 GB version of the Moto G5+ only has 2 GB of RAM (this is different from the G5S+)

Yes, just mentioning it as an alternative.

I love my G5S+, you can read about it here.

I’d also take a look at others reviews as well.

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