Moto G5S Plus Performance Issues



Phone: Moto G5S Plus
Plan: My Choice + 1 GB

I purchased this phone from Republic Wireless in January 2018. It was great up until about a month ago. Then it started developing some odd performance problems - if this were happening on a Windows PC I would bring up the Task Manager to see what’s using up CPU resources, but I haven’t really found a good analog on Android. Here are some of the behaviors that seemed to start all at the same time:

  1. Phone needs multiple tries to unlock. Sometimes I will press the power button and I will see that the backlight turns on but it is otherwise all black, and the timeout just turns the screen back off after 10 seconds. Or sometimes I’ll see the background and the back/home/square buttons (should be microphone and lock buttons), but no notifications - buttons shown are non-responsive, and the phone takes 5-10seconds to populate the notifications, and then I can start using the phone. And then sometimes it works just like new, immediately giving me notifications and being perfectly responsive.

  2. Phone forgets that I’ve already entered the PIN to allow fingerprint unlocking. It wants the PIN every time, and then after like 5-10 times it finally decides I can use the fingerprint recognition to unlock.

  3. My train ticket app is incredibly slow. In Chicago, the “Ventra” app requires you to activate a ticket, and then it shows you an animated screen you have to tap in order to prove the ticket is valid. It contacts a server to generate/check the certification, and this used to take ~3s. Now it usually takes about 60s. It will show the “generating ticket” popup for about 10s, and then show a black screen for 30-45s. Once it starts rendering the animated screen, it takes about 10s before it will actually respond to touch. It’s been a real nailbiter a few times with the conductor giving me the “why didn’t you activate your app earlier” look. As far as I can tell, this is the only app that is giving me problems.

Rebooting does not appear to help in any way, the phone is immediately slow to show notifications. Wondering if this does indeed sound like a CPU issue to others, and whether there are CPU analysis apps or built in tools that people recommend. Or if I need to start uninstalling apps.



I don’t know of a diagnostic app that will help with this. I’d start by clearing the cache. The startup aspect of this seems to vindicate apps since that occurs before any apps are running. If the problem survives a factory reset without restoring apps it’s time to talk with Motorola about warranty service.


Also forgot to mention issue #4

  1. I’ll be in the middle of using an app (has happened during a variety of apps) and it will switch to being locked, but it takes like 10-15s to get there. First it will stop responding to input for a few seconds, then it will suddenly switch to showing the background. Then the rest of the lock screen will fill in after a bit.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a go. I was thinking about waiting to see if Android 8.1 or 9.0 support comes in, was hoping that a fresh OS would fix my problems.


I believe it is best to apply updates when the phone is working well. Otherwise the update could go awry and brick the phone.


Here is a link to for performing the Clear Cache procedure.

You could also try running the phone in Safe Mode and see if those issues persist, if not, it’s probably an app misbehaving.


Thanks for your suggestions, I’ve cleared both the app cache and the Android system cache, I’ll update this thread after I’ve had a day or two of testing.


My friend has the similar issues with charging and clearing cache works for him, hopefully it works for you…


@Sasquatchua How has the phone been performing?


After I did that, things improved in that problems are less frequent, but virtually all of the different manifestations still occur - in the last day or two I’ve still had the phone suddenly lock while using it, had it freeze and stop responding to touch for ~30s, and had it stuck for a minute where pressing the power button only turns on the backlight.


Hi @Sasquatchua,

It seems no one in our Member Community has experienced anything quite like you’ve described, and doesn’t have a specific solution to offer. Have you thought about factory resetting the phone, and then being very selective in the apps that you re-install? It sounds like you may have some app causing the phone to perform poorly.


Thanks @southpaw, I’ve already started uninstalling some of my more recent apps. I will find a time window to do the factory reset. I probably should try that before giving into my jealousy of my wife’s Pixel2 and buying a new phone.


You would not be the first person I’ve seen succumb to the lure of the Pixel. Please let us know if removing individual apps or a factory reset gets your G5S Plus back in shape.



On Sunday October 7 I did the factory reset and started reinstalling only my most required apps. Things are approximately 97% improved - it actually fixed some stuff I didn’t even know was a problem, like the responsiveness of bluetooth headphone button inputs. About once a day the phone will stop responding for 10-15 seconds, while just browsing the notification tray. It will still frequently say it needs my PIN (again) to allow my fingerprint unlocking to work. But the train app is reliably snappy again, I haven’t had it lock while I’m in the middle of using it, and I haven’t had the power button turn on the backlight but fail to give me any OS widgets.


joshua is not alone
My Moto G5S+ has always had poor performance and so many issues since I got it in Feb 2018
I thought I would spend a bit more than I could afford and get a better phone but it is the worst moto I have had so far =(
the promised better camera is just abysmal quality, I often must take 50 shots to get one good pic , unlike my prior motos which were great and why I stayed with moto

I clear cache once a week and only use a few apps , I have to restart the phone every day to keep it working …

The increase in spam calls in the past few weeks is just crazy, block them and they spoof another # in same area code and call again but blocking them allows them to leave a voice message?!
switching the sim card out did help a little for calls …

The phone screen often will not respond and I have to restart, I have also had the same issue as joshua #4 of freezing and taking >15sec to go to lock screen then taking a bit to unlock - it is always while using a built in app never one I added.

I have tried using without apps after reset but nothing really changed … the only reason I keep a phone is the apps for camera and security cameras
I was really hoping one of the updates would help =/

this phone is so disappointing
it is really making me think about switching services but I am a widow I just can not afford to buy another type phone for over a year =(


Starting today, the other issues have started to reappear. Sadly I think this may be my last Moto phone going forward. I definitely have once again experienced both the phone locking while I’m in the middle of using it, the OS being unresponsive for long periods, and the power button turning on only the backlight, and the rest of the OS taking 15-30 seconds to appear.


I’ve also been having issues where the clarity on calls has been awful, even when sitting directly next to my router. I think I may be ready to start a service ticket with Motorola.


Hi @Sasquatchua,

Call clarity - we can help with that. The issue you are experiencing there is separate from the other things you have named, and our technicians can solve it. Please open a ticket, describe the call clairity issue (and only that, for this ticket, so they focus this issue) and ask them to investigate it as part of master ticket # 1487537.


Thanks, I’ve actually already put in a service order with Motorola to ship my phone back for repairs. I will be using my wife’s Moto X Pure she abandoned for the Pixel2 for now, will address if I continue to have issues on the new unit.


Addendum: my wife’s old phone has started showing all the same behaviors, so now I’m suspecting that it’s an app and not the phone or the OS. I started researching the core suite of apps that I kept with me and it’s starting to look very likely that my problems were caused by my podcast app, BeyondPod.

The timeline when I started seeing problems might actually line up. I have the service order in but I haven’t actually sent the Moto G5S+ back yet. I’ve uninstalled BeyondPod from the Moto X Pure, and I’ll go without for a couple days and see how it goes.