Moto G5S Plus Problems?

Bought a Moto g 3rd gen a couple years ago not and I couldn’t have asked more out of this phone. Wanted to upgrade to the G5S plus and bought one during the black Friday sale. Had it for s couple days and it was AWEFUL. Would drop service and would drop wifi. Took 2 days to load initial set up because the wifi would only connect at .3 Mbps. I promptly sent it back to republic so I wouldn’t get stuck with this phone that didn’t work. Had anyone had good luck with this phone?? I’m in Greensboro NC And am wondering if location had anything to do with my experience.

Hi @lewism.u1gy2h,

Any cellular issues may have been caused by different coverage rather than a phone issue. The G5S+ is available only on our GSM network, while your Moto G (3rd Gen) is working on Sprint’s network.

The G5+ (without the “s”) is available with the same coverage your Moto G (3rd Gen) enjoys.

We’re not seeing widespread reports of Wi-Fi issues with the G5S+, and it would not be possible to troubleshoot without the phone in your hands, so it’s hard to determine what may have been going on there.

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My partner has G5s+ and has had zero problems with WiFi or GSM cell. We are in Tryon, NC.

That’s great to hear fords! I went through and wiped the cache, updated firmware, changed some wifi settings (all recommended by Republic) and started the phone in safe mode with nothing changing. I wonder if there was something wrong with the phone itself?

Have you tried it on a different WiFi network?

I tried it on a few different networks. home would connect but disconnect sporatically and never reach a speed above .3 Mbps. At my office it would not even connect and i feel like i tried at panera but it either wouldnt work or did the same disconnecting sporatically junk. resetting network was pointless in my opinion because my G3 was connecting happily to all as well as my wifes iphone and tv and computer.

Wow. To me, it does sound like a phone hardware issue.

I’ve looked at the coverage with the GSM partner in that area, and I’m frankly stunned that anyone on GSM would have “zero problems”. Frankly, the coverage is pretty lousy. To be clear, you and your partner have the exact same phone model and this is the G5s+ NOT the G5+?

The GSM signal here (at the house) is slightly stronger than the CDMA I had before - generally get LTE - I can see the tower on top of a nearby mountain. Also if we travel I-26 in either direction, GSM is strong. We’re 95% of the time on WiFi, however.

My Moto G5S+ has had zero problems so far for me.

I also have the G 3rd phone and other than on bluetooth it sounds like both me and the caller are under water has been a good phone. Have tried both Motorola and Plantronics and get the same problem. Both work fine on my old E 1st so must be the bluetooth in my G 3rd.
Have been thinking about the 5s or 5. I do need something that works well on bluetooth as I use it for work.

Have returned the g5s plus and picked up the g5 plus and so far it has been
100 times better. I think there must have been some hardware issues with
the s model. But even now my Moto g3 will have service in places my g5
won’t. Not sure what is going on since the same coverage is available to

The Moto G 3rd gen is only on our CDMA network carrier. Could the difference be that your G5 Plus is on the GSM network carrier? That could be the cause of deferent coverage. They are completely different carrier networks, with different towers and different areas of coverage.

May go take another look at the 5 plus tomorrow. I need something that works.

It will be based on the SIM card. Check with support if you need them to review your coverage.

Please try this on your phone:

  1. Launch the dialer as if you were going to make a call.
  2. Tap the numeric keypad icon.
  3. Dial *#*#786#*#*

What does your phone do? Does the screen just clear or do you get a SprintDM screen?

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The screen just cleared. Reminder that I am now using a g5 plus model but
am having feel connectivity issues with it (separate ticket open on this)
this was only meant to be a review/ buyer beware of the g5s. Although I
will say the S had some really cool features that the non S has. Could be
due to updated Android 7.1.1 though not sure.

In my experience the G5s+ has better cell reception than the normal G5+. My sister recently bought the G5+ and I’ve had the G5s+ for two months now. I was curious about the differences so we had been keeping an eye on what we notice and it seems the G5s+ has slightly better reception… I live in a rural area where the GSM signal is not as good as CDMA so every bit counts.

Every phone will have their bad apples and it seems you just drew the short stick on yours. I hope your G5+ proves to be a better phone for you.

Your phone is configured on the GSM partner, which accounts for the different in coverage between your old and new phone. The G5+ can be configured with Sprint by opening a ticket with support and letting them know that you’re having reception issues.

I am in the process of getting switched over now through my help ticket.
So the g5 plus is configured to work on one or the other? I was thinking/
hoping that it would switch over from one to the other on the fly. Wishful
thinking I guess.

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