Moto G5S Plus replacement phone


Looking to purchase a Moto G5S Plus to replace my Moto G1 but RW is out of stock, will these phone be available again through RW? Hesitant to give up my Moto G as it’s on the $10 talk and text, but it just can’t keep up anymore.

I’ve purchased 4 phones through RW with not issues, so I’m a little hesitant about buying a phone from Amazon or eBay. If this is my only option, what do I need to know to make sure I can use it with the RW network. I know it needs to be “unlocked” but what about the sim card? Does RW have any recommended resellers?


the Moto G5S Plus is out of production the ones that Republic was most recently selling were certified pre-owned (B-Stock, used for internal testing or return in the 14 day window ) and where a limited supply and sold out quickly, It’s possible republic will find some more of these b-stock phones it’s not guaranteed
If you must have this model of phone I would double check with the seller that it’s the North American Factory Unlock version with the software channel RETUS or AMZN
also any BYOD phone will need to purchase a new BYOD SIM
I will note BYOD is one the GSM partner (T-Mobile) and will have different coverage than the Legacy phones which used the CDMA partner (Sprint), if CDMA coverage is needed a CDMA SIM can be sent out by Republic Support after the Phone is activated on GSM (assuming the Phone has CDMA radios which the Moto G5S Plus does)

I will also note the ones Motorola are still selling are the correct phone and they are currently on sale(clearance?) there ($189.99 for the 3 GB RAM 32 GB storage model and $209 for the 4 GB RAM 64 GB storage model)


If I buy direct from Motorola, I just need the right SIM card from RW. Are there instructions for activation and transferring my number?


transferring the number happens during activation by selecting a line upgrade (vs a new line)
activation is done though hte Republic App on the Phone (once the BYOD SIM is installed (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless)
Activate | Republic Wireless


cool, thanks drm