Moto G5S Plus Thoughts

32GB / 3GB RAM version:

  • Opening the box WOW is this phone noticeably bigger than my Moto X 2nd Gen.

  • The phone itself is not any heavier than my Moto X.

  • The metal body feels very premium and the phone is incredibly snappy.

  • The headphone jack was TIGHT, so tight I initially thought the specifications were wrong and contacted Motorola and they wanted to replace the phone. A bit of considerable force later the headphones went in and now it’s not as hard to plug them in.

  • The vibrate motor is really nice, It’s not super harsh and dare I say… Cute sounding?

  • The camera is considerably better than the Moto X’s. It does much better in soft lighting and has that same crispy detail but with better color accuracy and focus. I haven’t delved into PRO mode yet though.

  • The screen looks just as sharp as the Moto X’s which was a considerably more expensive phone brand new. Colors are slightly more vibrant from what I can tell.

  • The camera bump scares me, no getting past that.

  • Screen on time battery life is surprisingly great… More info as I use it more.

  • The bottom speakers are a loud but easy to cover up.

  • The phone lacks a lot of Moto features I loved, such as the automatic silencing of the phone during calendar events. But there are some new features such as built in blue light reduction.

  • Once you go fingerprint you can’t ever go back, not even one day in.

If anyone has questions about the device I don’t mind answering them.


the specs (3GB RAM) metal body make this the Moto G5S +

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Have you found a case yet that helps level out the camera bump and lifts it up to protect it?

I didn’t realize that this phone had blue light filter, that’s a cool feature. My favorite Moto feature, bar none, is the active display, and this is the biggest issue for me as I consider switching to a different manufacturer.

Please keep us informed as to how this phone is working for you and how you’re liking it compared to your MX2.

No current plans to put a case or screen protector on the phone. 3 Years of Moto X 2nd gen and not a single scratch on that baby.
Did consider this one however:

Moto display is present but it does not have the infrared sensor to detect if you wave your hand over it. Have to physically move the phone or wait for the incredibly slow fade in and out.

The battery life has been absolutely incredible. Probably a combination of better power management in Android 7.1 and the slightly larger battery.

My GSM coverage is decent on campus and I have not had any problems with handovers from WiFi to cell. I would actually say that the G5S+ transitions pretty much instantly. On my Moto X there was always a delay of a few seconds. Will have to wait till my trip home to find out if coverage had improved in my home ZIP.

Oh boy oh boy I’m feeling wild and free with that sweet sweet 32GB internal storage.

The speakers minimum volume is kinda loud… not good for night time music.

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The battery life on this phone is definitely top notch.

It’s gotten chilly this week and I’m quickly learning that a naked metal phone will freezer my fingers off this winter, might reconsider a case just for that reason.

My house has no data service at all only calling. Good thing I have WiFi.

The micro USB port feels sturdier than my Moto X’s. Plugging in has a satisfying snap that the X never had.

The screen is very bright on it’s lowest setting but the brightness is not very harsh compared to the X… Maybe the cooler screen temp has something to do with this?

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Burusutazu I’d like to echo your great comments on this phone. I’ve had it for about a week now having moved from the original Moto X (2013) and the Nexus 5x. Mainly:

Metal body is nice but I wonder how well it will take a fall. It is quite slippery. I loved the 4.7in screen of the Moto X but nowadays good luck finding a quality phone with under 5 inch screen. Surprisingly, the caseless 5.5in screen Moto G5S+ feels the same size as the 5.2in screen Nexus5x, but I always had a case on it.

You’re absolutely right about the tight headphone jack and usb port. The Moto X 2013 had a dreadful port that after a month or two became very loose over it’s life. The usb port on the G5S+ goes in all the way and feels very secure.

The screen, just like the Moto X 2013, is bright at it’s lowest setting. I had to use my old Moto X recently while my Nexus5x was under repair and was reminded I had to install an app called “Screen Filter” which bumped down the default brightness and then I used the usual android brightness slider on top of that, just so the phone was comfortable to read at night. I feel like the combination of the built-in blue light filter and the lowest brightness setting is “good enough” for night reading on the G5S+.

Battery life has been great so far, but it’s a new phone and I figure it won’t last forever. I usually can go a 24 hour period from 100% down to 65% or so, so definitely 2 days before even thinking about needing to charge.

Bottom speaker is loud which I like, but I have heard that the microphone makes my voice hard to hear on the other line a handful of times already. I have a voice recorder and noticed my voice is much quieter than when I used the same app on my Nexus 5x.

Decided to dive into the fingerprint gestures on the fingerprint pad to replace the on-screen buttons and it only took a couple of days to get used to it. I think removing the onscreen buttons helps with texting since it makes the keyboard that much closer to the bottom of the screen where my hands are. Fingerprint scanner on the front vs on the back like Nexus5x isn’t that big of a deal and makes more sense with the gestures.

I figured from what I read online that the camera probably isn’t going to be as legendary as the Nexus5x but I’m not much of a photo taker. It’s probably even if not a small step down in quality.

One surprising feature I never had in a phone before was the FM radio. I’ve only tried it out and pre-programmed my city’s stations but the reception is great and I can definitely see myself using this!

No issues with performance yet, although I’m not one to install too many apps. Things are definitely quicker than my 1.5 year old Nexus5x was. Also no real issues with cell coverage vs Project Fi which is what I just came from, definitely leaps better than cell coverage was when I had the Moto X with RW 2 years ago using Sprint towers.

Does RW carry this MOTO G5S+ phone. I have not seen it on line. I saw it at Best Buy and fell in love with it and will upgrade from my old original MOTO X to this phone quickly. Will the Best Buy G5S+ work on the RW network. Thanks, Oscar

Hi @oscarj

As long as it is the North American unlocked version, then the answer is yes.
You can check the version numbers accepted by RW here…

I used that screen filtering app on my Moto X2, great for dimming the screen but it made the phone awfully hot. The screen on the Moto G5S+ is softer so it’s definitely easier to use at night.for me.

One of my biggest worries was the recent change in coverage shown in the Coverage Checker. Before It would only recommend CDMA phones but about two months ago it changed to showing both. This was a big sticking point for me making my decision but in the end I decided to take the risk and go for it.

My service is surprisingly good. I did not think service could improve so much in such a short time frame. I almost always have LTE data and at least half bars. My house has half bar coverage (vs nothing two years ago) and overall service at the places I visit has been excellent. The community just north of my small town is a complete dead zone this is kinda the exact opposite of CDMA where the community south of my town was a dead zone. Kinda ironic.

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Hi @Burusutazu

I have told this story before here in the community, the same thing happened to me…(CDMA/GSM).

It took awhile for GSM to activate around me, like a long promised while, but when it did, it was better than my trusty CDMA device.

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Oh, CDMA is still better in my area, but GSM is good enough now that it does not matter to me.

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Fair enough. I waited a long time for CDMA on my (at the time) new MXP. I didn’t qualify for the Beta (SIM CDMA) or missed it, but almost overnight…(days), the GSM signal ramped up significantly whereas I actually noticed it.

It was like being in the “L” wave back in the day, just evaporated away in a good way. :relaxed:

Seems like a good time for an update since I’ve had the phone awhile now. A lot of what I have said still holds up today.

The phone is still snappy, and the battery life actually got better since Android began to collect more battery data.

The fingerprint sensor is great, but if your hands get anything oily on them like lip balm or chapstick (or bad fast food habits) the sensor cannot recognize my prints anymore. After you try, the sensor has the oil on it now as well so you have to wipe it off or it wont work.

My original happiness with GSM coverage has over time, sadly, taken a turn for the worse. My service in major cities is top notch, and in my hometown service is about half bars at all times. However, once I leave town, even along major highways my service disappears completely, no bars and a message that I can’t make calls or send texts. This applies to the area around town, especially the mountains. The closer I get to Atlanta (Like my university) the better my service gets.

WiFi and Bluetooth signals are far better than my Moto X2’s, I never lose WiFi on campus now.

Design flaw… the microphone is on the bottom lip of the phone so unless I hold the speaker above my ear, use headphones and hold the mic towards myself, or speak obnoxiously loud, people cannot hear me. This might work on the smaller G5+ but not the bigger G5S+.

The big screen makes it great for Android Auto, I can easily glance at nav or make a quick song change at a stop sign or red light where it would take too long to risk it on my Moto X2.

Metal phone = frozen hands at below zero. I consider this a plus since it keeps me from constantly using the phone outside lol.

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