Moto G5S Plus Update to Oreo?


Does anyone know when the Moto G5S Plus will be updated to Oreo? I thought I read somewhere that it was going to happen a few months ago.

Moto G5s Plus: Oreo 8.1 upgrade today!

That’s for the regular G5.

Motorola ran into a self inflicted issue where they put the 32bit version of android on their G5s+ but Oreo is 64bit only. They seem to be trying to find a way to push the update without requiring users to do a factory reset.


I have the special edition G5s plus w/4gb ram, 64gb storage, and the 64 bit cpu…Got it from Motorola. Any idea what I can expect? Can’t be too hard to back things up, or use the cloud, right? There’s nothing on my phone that I care about any ways ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Motorola won’t push the update till they solve this issue most likely.


According to this article may be sooner than we’d think.


Thank you for the helpful reply about Motorola’s activities.
With Republic Wireless’ vetting/testing, is there a planned or estimated time that this update will be available?


R.W has nothing to due with OS updates to their supported phones. It is driven by the OEM.
In this case, Moto. When they release an update, it is often on a staged rollout.
So to answer your question…you will get the update, when u get it.
There is no way possible to give u a date.
I suggest you keep your eye on phone tech news sites as they often post articles in relation to updates being pushed out.


From Motorola/Lenovo site today:

"moto g5s plus

This device will be upgraded to the Android 8 (Oreo) release of Android, pending partner support."


Update to G5 Plus by Motorola to 8.0 a lost cause?

This is what has always been there. To be clear, the “partner” referenced here refers to the major carriers, not Republic. Republic has no say as to when or if Moto will release the update.


I understand.



I rec’d notification of a System Update - Android Oreo 8.1 - for my Motorola G5S+ is available now. Download in process… w00t! w00t!


That is great. Generally, in what region of the U.S. do you use your G5Plus?


The Great Lakes / Upper mid-west region.


I’m in the Southeast…keeping my fingers crossed.


Careful, I think one of you is looking for an update for the Moto G⁵ Plus, and the other received an update for the Moto G⁵S Plus. Motorola nomenclature is tricky.


I received the update to Oreo 8.1 with the August 1st security patch last night. Zero problems so far on my G5S Plus post update.


Just my luck…I have G5 Plus not G5S Plus



If it’s any consolation, I have phones with Android 6, 7, 8, and 9. I have no preference among any of them. The differences in OS version are negligible to slight.


That is good to know. Thanks.


I will just add I never buy a non google controlled phone for what OS it will get and assume the OS it cam with may be the last.
Motorola will usually give it’s mid line phones one Major OS upgrade but that not guarantee (as it was Motorola started the Oreo update on the Moto G5+ but stop it as there was an issue with that update, I rather have an older OS that works, than a newer one that breaks some feature on the phone.
Nougat to Oreo is not that big of an upgrade (Mostly just inverted notification screen)