Moto g5s+ Randomly rebooted multiple times

What phone do you have? Moto g5s+

What plan are you on? My choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? include data

Issue Description

Was on a phone call…taking a walk and suddenly the phone just started rebooting…

I located 3 other topics for a similar phone and one for my brand new one:

I was originally connected to wifi outside and it may have switched over to data but why the constant 20 reboots? Once is an accident…
Once back inside and solidly connected to wifi - power was at 46% so I plugged it in and its been fine since.


Things that have been known to cause multiple reboots on new phones

  • A case, that due to fit depresses the power button
  • A user installed app, that can normally be isolated for testing with the use of Safe Mode

Case was removed to ensure it wasn’t the cause…it stopped rebooting once I was inside …

  • Any chance that you looked at the Battery usage to see if any particular app stands out as a heavy user that may have been a contributor?

Battery is not the issue.
Right now it happened again with the camera and the camera was being used the last time as well so there’s a connection here
what I don’t know

ok, so you’re narrowing in on the camera , now a couple more ??

  • Assuming stock Moto Camera/app?
  • Were you shooting video?
  • Were you on the phone/ on WiFi?
  • Did you hit fringe area for the WiFi and it shifted to Cell before reboot? (usually you can tell a volumn shift from WiFi to Cell)
  • Could you try the same sequence with the phone in Safe Mode ?

Happened again this morning
Pics with my camera
Solid wifi
Brand New phone

My guess is that you have some third party app that hates your phone. Likely the same app that was causing problems with your last phone. Run in safe mode for a while as previously suggested.

No third party app and I’m not sure how you can compare the two. My Samsung overheated, buttons stopped working, camera blurry replaced and back to blurry and that’s only a few issues I have listed. Moto just suddenly started just phone and camera. So there is nothing in common.

I think you need to find yourself a lucky penny or a rabbit’s foot or something. Honestly, in years of working with people and their phones I’ve never seen anyone have such a collection of repeated problems.

You’re saying you’ve literally installed NOTHING on the phone. Not one single App?

Actually a lot in common. A run away process causes a phone to overheat in some cases. In other cases, the phone restarts itself to protect itself from such a process. If I had to guess, @cbwahlstrom is exactly right.


I swear I am cursed with RW phones

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That the thing. The last couple haven’t been “RW Phones”. They’ve just been “phones”.

do you suffer from static shocks a lot?

and no this is not a joke question…

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Actually every single phone I have used with RW has been purchased thru RW. Not one single phone was purchased off site and used. So that is 100% incorrect. If I purchased all phones through the RW website then all are RW phones.

no, but I know where you are headed with that

high voltage power lines near by
air port, radar

some sick o, has a microwave gun and hates you and shooting you with microwaves…
ok some are off the wall

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We could argue all day about this. If you bought them at Best Buy would that make them Best Buy phones?

I have experienced a similar issue a few times on my G5s+. This is the android operating system completely crashing for an unknown reason.

For me this has happened during these three instances.

  • Touching the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone while the camera app is opening. (Moto Gesture)
  • Turning on the phone screen the exact moment a phone call comes in.
  • Touching the fingerprint sensor while the pin pad to unlock the phone is in the middle of its transistion animation.

It doesn’t always happen when those scenarios occur but those are what have caused full Android crashes for me. I assume there must be a flaw in the G5s+'s Android build but that shouldn’t be an issue once Oreo is out since it will be a completely different build and subsystem.


Thanks for the info. Was just on a cell call and was connecting to the WiFi and Bam 30 min of rebooting.
Then made a WiFi call on solid WiFi and connected as Cellular

The reboot should only take about a minute and half. I’d contact Motorola and see if they have any suggestions for you. I’ve had a very good experience with Motorola support, they were willing to replace my brand new G5s+ just because I couldn’t get my headphones plugged in (it was kinda tight but that’s a good thing).

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