Moto G5S+ SIM random card failure


MOTO G5S+ XT1806

32 GIG Micro SD card

Android v8.1.0 (updated a week or so ago without apparent problems)
October 1, 2018 security patch level
Build Number OPSS28.65-36-3
Kernel v3.18.71.perf-g8a728bd Tues Oct 9 13:57:37 CDT 2018

1 GIG plan

While out shopping today (4-Dec-2018) I tried to use my phone to text (I had been using it 10 minutes earlier) and found that the SIM card seems to have died. Phone states "NO SIM card - emergency calls only).

I did a restart, no change. I did a shutdown then reboot, no change.

After I got home I did a shutdown, pulled and re-seated the SIM card then reboot, no change.

The phone is connected to WIFI but is incapable of doing anything but take photos.



What is the listed for the “Software Channel”?


Where might I find this?


RETUS the phone had been working fine then died


Have you checked for any further system updates?


Nearly always, the simple solution in this case is powering down the phone, removing an reseating the SIM. That will usually resolve the issue.


Already been there, done that


Did you find a solution for this? We upgraded our Moto G5 plus 64gb last week to Android 8 and now my husband’s phone is experiencing this same issue


one report I found
if you have good cell to turn the wifi off over night (maybe even 24 hours)
just using cell…

don’t know if it will help or do nothing… you might consider giving it a try…


No solution for the problem, the phone is a music player/camera brick.

Moto is shipping a replacement phone


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