Moto G6 64GB unlocked is it compatible with RW?


I found several previous posts about a prime exclusive Moto G6 64GB phone but that one has a different model# then this one (I’m opting for this model over the prime exclusive as this one as it doesn’t have their preinstalled bloatware on it).

Can anyone confirm that this will work on RW?
Moto G6 – 64 GB – Unlocked (at&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black - (U.S. Warranty)

It’s model# PAAE0009US

Thanks for your time!


Yes, that phone is compatible.


Thanks! :grinning:


@louisdi is the author of How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone, hopefully this should be useful to others. it is one of the many items in Tips & Tricks that feature helpful info by and for the user community


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