Moto G6 advice + Conjecture

Hey everyone. Wondering about the G6 (Moto)…(maybe this should be in ‘Reviews’?).
I don’t have one, I gave one as a gift.

Haven’t been around much, so I was wondering…Good/Bad/Just OK?.

The ‘gift-e’ has issues’s, but that would apply to anything electronic for that one. I’m still 'rock’n my MXP…(best phone I ever had), but it is getting older…so what other Moto phone might I replace the MXP with…in due time.

All responses welcomed. :slightly_smiling_face:


I replaced my X Pure with a Android One 64GB Moto X4. Miss the stereo speakers on rare occasions, presently it’s a good bang for the buck, an excellent phone and really like/enjoy it. A bit smaller than the MXP making it easier to pocket and the screen side FP reader a big plus. IMO coming from the MXP you’d be happier with the X4 than the X6 or X7.


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