Moto G6 Battery

This is a new phone from Amazon/Motorola since August… The battery isn’t lasting a full day. It goes down to 20% daily and without hardly using the phone.

Any thoughts on this?


In the phones settings section, under Battery Usage, what does it show that is using the most battery?

How is your cell/LTE signal?
If you are in a area of low cell signal, that can cause battery drain.

This is largely no longer true. CDMA (2G) ramps up power as the SNR gets worse. 3G GSM and LTE do not.

That said the information you asked about what is using the battery would be helpful as would the fact that ending the day at 20% left is a pretty normal day with a smartphone.

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FB… 28%

On wifi

Typical, i removed FB from my phone and noticed improvement.
FB is a well known battery hog.
Remove FB app, and Use the LITE version of the app, or web browser version instead.
See if that helps u.

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Well it didn’t run out daily when I first got the phone… 7 months ago…So not sure why it is draining so quickly… FB and all hasn’t changed as far as my usage.

But their app gets more intrusive and more resource intensive every time they update it.

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