Moto G6 Best buy compatibility


I saw on the forums that the Moto G6 has been delayed for release on RW website. It is available unlocked from Best buy. When I checked the RW website for compatibility it said look for the model number XT1925-6. This is not anywhere on the product description for the best buy version. Anyone know if this will work on RW?

Thank you.


That is the correct version of the phone.


Sweet. Thank you.


More info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


So if we buy that Moto G6 from Best Buy we can currently activate it with RW? We don’t have to wait for it to be available on the RW website?


Hello @one_swipe_brian
you can activate it as soon as you have a BYOD SIM, there is no need to wait fro the Republic store to carry it


I received my G6 in the mail yesterday from Best Buy as well as my sim card from RW. Everything’s working great.


Is Google Assistant working on your moto G6 I bought one today from Best Buy the correct model number but whenever I try to launch the assistant I get the message Google has stopped


Hi @hantran

It’s always a good idea to perform the Clear Cache procedure after activation to clear out temp files.
You could also try signing out of Google and signing back in.

Give those a try and let us know if it resolves your issue.


Just figured I’d follow-up for anyone else looking to go this route. My old Sim card was the right size but apparently not compatible. So if you are buying from Best Buy you may want to just go ahead and buy a compatible Sim card from Republic (only $5) just in case you’ll need it.


Your advice is spot on. Even if one’s current SIM might be compatible with a new phone, it’s best practice to start fresh. There’s generally nothing on one’s current SIM that’s needed. If nothing else, having a spare SIM around isn’t a bad idea much as we used to commonly advise folks to consider holding onto their old Republic specific phones as emergency spares. After all, for those of us not in the Raleigh area, it’s not as if we can run right down to the local Republic store should the need arise.


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