Moto G6, better & worse than the G1



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I’m writing this review not 5 minutes after my phone locked up on a YouTube vid, wouldn’t do anything, wouldn’t restart, restarted in safe mode, then finally restarted normally. This is my second instance of the phone locking up for no apparent reason, the first being at the end of a general security update. It was down for about 30 minutes that time and I thought it was hosed.

Obviously the G1 couldn’t complete with the tech 5 years later and had a miniscule amount of memory, but if it wasn’t for the fact that I had no room to update anything I probably would have kept it. That and it started requiring 2-5 taps to select things. The G6 is bigger, has a nicer screen, works better with modern aps and all that, but I am a little concerned with it’s stability. Also it’s camera, which does take some nice shots, doesn’t go macro very well (not as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7), nor does it excel at motion shots or low light. It’s not bad, but it could do those things better. Call quality is somewhat tinny, but it’s not unusable. It’s a bit heavy and can be a stretch to reach the top of the screen one handed.

As far as RW on this phone… I had the Defy in beta, then the G1 and this phone is a definite upgrade. It has LTE! Handover of calls is nice, coverage has been good. It doesn’t drop my work wifi like the G1 used to. It’s got good functionality for the price. That said, I’d like my refund plan back RW.

RW requested and rejected my phone review

This thread has different perspectives on the refund plan. It’s no longer offered for the new phones that RW offers (although you can buy used legacy models that works with the refund plan on places like or eBay). The legacy models are the RW Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), RW Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and RW Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.)


I’m aware it’s no longer offered for new phones. I had an older phone and I had the refund plan. I got a new phone and had no choice but to give that plan up. I liked the refund plan. It was great for me. So if RW is listening, or considering reviving the refund plan, they can count me in. Vote 1 for the refund plan.


I believe you left out a few key items on the G6… The G6 is All Glass very delicate and cannot handle normal daily use. I’ve had my G6 for less than 2 months and the back cracked while it was in my pocket and the front cracked on a two foot drop in a safety case. The phone performs better than its predecessor my G3 but has zero strength/ tolerance to normal daily use.
I opened a ticket with RW on the crazed back of this Glass phone and the cracked front of this class phone all of which happened within the first 6 weeks of ownership. I was told that it is not worth trying to replace under warranty because it was obviously dropped.


I dislike the current trend toward glass wrapped phones. In 2012 the Nexus 4 introduced a glass back which was notorious for shattering. Unfortunately, the designers have decided glass phones are what people want. I hope mainstream phone design comes back to headphone jacks, protective bezels, and polycarbonate shells. In the meantime, I’ll seek those phones out when it comes time for a replacement.


This is the way phones are generally made now. The Galaxy S8 and S9, the newest iPhones, the Google Pixel 3, the LG G7, the LG V40, etc etc etc. I’ll say that I’ve carried an all glass phone for 3 years now, without incident as has my wife and two of my kids.

Warranties don’t cover damage to phones from drops, being sat on, etc so the Republic response seems like the right one.