Moto G6 Call Hang Up Delay for the past few weeks

Moto G6
2 GB Plan

As of several weeks ago any time I make a phone call or receive a phone call, the Red button on the phone application will NOT hang up the call. No matter how many times I tap on it - it just doesn’t hang up! It takes a while on it’s own before it finally hangs up. This is getting so frustrating. My RW app is updated - I have restarted my phone several times and nothing changes.
Also 3 days ago I had an incoming call from my husband and no matter how much I tried to accept the call, it would not let me answer it - the call kept ringing and I would swipe up the green to answer but it did not work. I had to end up borrowing my son’s phone to call back my husband.

Any thoughts/ideas please? Thanks in advance.

Hi @lulycelsa and welcome to the Community!

Based on both unfortunate experiences mentioned, would you agree your phone’s touch screen isn’t as responsive as it once was? Have you noticed other instances when using your phone? For example, tapping icons on the home screen to open apps? Tapping portions of your phone’s screen when surfing the web or typing a text message? Or, is the phenomenon only when making or receiving calls?

As a starting point, please clear both the app and, if applicable, the Android system caches: How to Clear Cache on Android – Republic Help. If after these steps normal operation is restored, you’re done.

If clearing the cache(s) doesn’t sort things the next step is safe mode: Safe Mode – Republic Help. Safe mode is intended to be a diagnostic tool not a permanent solution. If your phone behaves better while in safe mode, there is a third party app at the root of the issue. You’ll need to identify and remove that app.

In addition to the helpful suggestions that @rolandh has provided, you should be able to test your phones touchscreens functionality using the built in Test.
It is probably very much the same as on my Moto X4
Find and Open the :motohelp: Help Doc then follow the instructions to eventually get to the Touchscreen diagnostic (they have changed them since the last time I used them and it took a bit of looking around to get there)

Thank you so much however I cannot access Storage to clear app caches as per the instructions. When I go to Settings-Storage all I get is a “Loading” loop and nothing loads.

Thank you - I did the test for the touchscreen and nothing came back wrong. Good idea though.

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing this with a few different Moto models after some of the recent Moto updates. The only solution I’ve seen work is a factory reset of the phone.

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