Moto G6 call volume too low


I have a Moto G6 My phone speaker (during calls) is too low, even on max volume. I can’t even make a call in the car without using speaker phone (I know, “hang up and drive”…)
External speaker is ok, when I listen to podcasts while working etc.
I’ve looked through all the accessibility features and cannot find anything. Is there an update or patch that I can use?
Please help!



I have the same issues with the G5 plus. Apparently there is no fix from Lenovo, they didn’t do anything about it even with a lot of people complaining about the issue. There is possibly a way to change some setting by rooting your phone - The problem with rooting - you will no longer get any more republic software updates - at least that is my understanding so I prefer to not root mine.



Republic doesn’t provide the system updates to any phone released since July 2016 (including everything from the Moto G4 on) and while rooting may indeed prevent you from getting software from the phone manufacturer, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Republic.



At least from the republic site here, I was under the impression you won’t get any patches after rooting



this is not Republics doing but Motorola (and i believe most OEMs) will not updated rooted phones.

I will point out that the Moto G5+ has most likely seen it’s last update (Motorola only updates it’s mid line G series with 1 major OS update and 2 years (from release) of security updates



Thank you. I’ve alerted the Republic team to let them know that the article hasn’t been updated since the original phones and needs to be updated to reflect the fact that Republic is no longer in the loop on the updating of phones.

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Our Moto X4 is kind of low too even on the speakerphone (but music plays loud enough, which is bizarre).
I guess you could get an external Bluetooth speaker or headset to fix it?
Since we can’t (and won’t) root our phones, the only thing I can think to do is get an app that allows you to exceed the normal volume. I have not downloaded one yet, but there are several in the Google Playstore. Most seem to have ads, so I don’t know how intrusive they are, or if they are spyware.
I saw this one yesterday that had decent reviews:

Let us know what you do to fix it please! Thanks!


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