Moto g6- callers unable to hear replies unless on speakerphone

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? My Choice 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

My son just informed me that when he is on a phone call, the person on the other end is unable to hear him unless he is on speakerphone. I know this seems to be a persistent issue with the G6 and others have posted about it but I am not sure exactly what ended up working to solve the issue. The phone is about 1 month away from being out of warranty so if I need to exchange it, I would rather sooner than later.

It appears that one member was able to fix their issue by performing a factory reset without automatically restoring their apps. See here for more info

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Ugh, was really hoping for a different solution than another hard reset. We just finished doing that when the phone updated to Pie a couple of months ago.

That is unfortunate…but if you go the warranty replacement route then they will have you do that step anyways…so it may be worth a try.

As for warranty replacement… if the phone was bought from RW…then you can submit a ticket and RW will help you with the replacement process…if the phone was bought from third party then you will need to contact Motorola directly.

That is true. I guess I was hoping there was some setting that I needed to correct that would easily fix the issue.

The G6 was purchased through Fi last year so may try to contact them before Lenovo if the reset doesn’t correct the issue.

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Did you try the hardware test provided by Moto?
App Drawer :appsicon: / :motohelp: Moto Help … from there it varies by OS Level, but they also provide how to contact Motorola

It is a bit of a mystery why Safe Mode didn’t fix their issue…as that is what essentially the no-restore option is doing at a more fundamental level. But if you haven’t tried Safe Mode… then that is worth a shot before you go down the Factory Reset path. If Safe Mode works better then it would point to an issue with one of the downloaded apps…and then you would need to uninstall them one by one to figure out the offending app.

Actually not all app problems are detected/fixed by Safe Mode, there are instances where an errant app will overlay some area of base code, so even if the app is removed the ‘failure’ will still be present. This is one of the reasons behind doing a FDR without the App restore.

Hi @mvictoria621, just checking in to see if you were able to clear up your issue with the g6. Did factory reset fix it?

No, my son asked me not to reset it. So he is just using the speakerphone when he makes calls :confused:

But thanks for checking in.

Hi @mvictoria621,

Have you reviewed our list of apps known to cause conflicts to see if you can spot a possible culprit easily?

Thanks, I didn’t know about that list. But none are on his phone. But it’s a good list for me to be aware of.


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