Moto g6 camera. Worse than my 3 year old Moto X


Today I go to use the camera on my shiny, new Moto g6 like I would have used my Moto X camera a thousand times in the past. Basically a close up macro type shot of some serial numbers on my product at work. It won’t focus. I have to contort my fingers to hit the button to take the aforementioned blurry pic, so it now basically requires two hands. Great job, Motorola. You made a bajillion megapixel camera less user friendly and now upgraded to two hands!

Booo! Hiss!

This phone isn’t winning me over anytime soon. Anyone know if this bloody thing has a macro mode?


Macro settings are usually under Professional Mode, not sure it’s possible it’s an addon that needs to be downloaded:

Check in Google Play Store that you have the latest update to the camera app:


Thanks, littletoucan. Anything is worth a try considering this was supposed to be such a great camera. I’m simply amazed that it is inferior to my aged Moto X.


I don’t take macro pictures, so I can’t comment on your experience, but I did use the camera on a Moto X1 for a long time and we now have a Moto G6 in the family and we find that for our everyday usage (indoor and outdoor photos taken by my daughter or her friends, the landscape, etc) that the G6 is superior in every way. Have you tried non-macro photos?


Thanks for the info, louisdi. I am not a shutterbug, which is somewhat interesting since my company makes an extraordinary aluminum photo substrate product called Chromaluxe. My interest usually lies with complaint investigation. For that, I take a lot of close ups of date codes engraved on the back of our product used to document the investigation.


I know this seems ridiculous. Try this:

  • Open Camera
  • Tap ‘camera’ icon, bottom right
  • Tap “Professional mode” icon, top of pop-up list
  • Tap auto bracket icon
  • Tap the tiny flower icon on the ‘arc’ line to select macro
  • Tap the middle of the screen to go to shooting mode

Or, try this app, Macro mode seems to be one click:


Thanks, but I don’t have any icon in the bottom right corner. I have my last photo taken from my photo album. I have tapped on every icon and there is nothing indicating a “professional mode”. I swiped right and left to find any secret hidden menus. Maybe I am too cheap and didn’t opt for the upgrade.

I did find the setting to tap the screen to take photos. One little thing off the list at least!


I didn’t have a G6 here to try it on, I know those instructions work on the Z2 Play, but maybe they are reserved for the Z-series. You should still be able to use Open Camera from the link I provided to get to macro mode (I think).

Also, just to give you an idea on the camera:


They may be too basic, but have you consulted the Moto Help :motohelp: which can be found in the App Drawer? :appsicon:


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