Moto g6 charger

What phone do you have? Moto g6

What plan are you on? 1 gig

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My Moto g6 charger intermittently stops charging while still plugged in. I have verified that there is no issue with a frayed cord or a connection to the outlet. The connection to the phone itself feels a little loose but I still see the charger icon in the top-right corner is on. I will notice much later that the phone has barely charged. And the little lightning bolt charger icon is off. Anybody else have this trouble?

Hi @gregb.nrddqd,

I don’t know if knowing whether anyone else is having a similar problem is going to do to much to solve what you’re experiencing, but maybe some troubleshooting will.

Do you have another charger, even a car charger? If so, does the same thing happen when you use a different charger?

Have you tried this same charger on a different outlet? (It would be just my luck to have the charger plugged into an outlet that is associated with a lightswitch - charging when I’m in the room with the light on, stops charging when I walk out and turn the switch off.)

If the phone is still under the manufacturer’s one-year warranty, and if you can show by the two tests above that it’s the charger that’s failing, you might try contacting Motorola about a replacement charger.


My wife’s G6 did this also. Motorola had her recalibrate the battery indicator. To do this you need to close all running apps and power off the phone. Then power on the phone and charge it overnight. It worked for her. Good luck.

Hi @gregb.nrddqd Do you still need assistance with this?

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