Moto G6 Coming to Republic Wireless June 2018!

The Moto G6 will be available in June 2018 in our online store for $249.


Key Features
:heavy_check_mark: 3D glass back
:heavy_check_mark: Max Vision 5.65” full-HD display
:heavy_check_mark: All-day battery* + TurboPower™ charging
:heavy_check_mark: Fingerprint reader
:heavy_check_mark: Water repellent nano-coating
:heavy_check_mark: Black

Full Tech Specs are available in our online store
The Moto G6 is available for purchase for all of our coverage areas because it can be equipped with either our GSM or CDMA SIM card.

*All battery life claims are approximate and based on an average user profile that includes both usage and standby. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on signal strength, network configuration, features selected, and voice, data, operating temperature and other application usage patterns.

Update 6/6/2018

The Moto G6 is now available for pre-order.


Due to a problem with my G4 plus I had to get another phone. I bought the G5 Plus from you on 5/4/18. Now you have the G6. Since my phone is less than 30 days old can I return it for the newer model? They are the same price.

I’m afraid the return period is 14-days from the date of receipt. After that date, it is no longer possible to return the phone.

Boy, really change my thoughts on Republic customer service. Who does 14 days for a return?

On cell phones, nearly everyone. In fact, many providers offer no returns at all on cell phones or charge restocking fees to return them. The policy is very clear here: Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help

Just some examples: Best Buy, 14 days and a $35 fee:

Bought directly from T-Mobile: 14 days and $75 restocking fee:

Bought directly from Sprint: 14 days and a $45 restocking fee:

Republic has one of the most generous policies in the industry.


To add to waht louisdi posted,

It also get very complicated when u agree to a payment plan or take part of some promotional pricing. Then u may even forfeit the ability to return all together. Back when I bought my LG G3 brand new from VZW under “upgrade” terms for $100, if u wanted to return the phone, it broke the 2yr contract and they charged u the full retail price for the phone ($700) pluss the $350 early termination fee.

Suffice to say, R.W.'s return policy is top notch.

You do have the option to buy the new model, and then sell your recently purchased phone on Since it is so new, u should be able to list for top dollar.


Amazon offers a free 30 day return policy and for Costco it’s 90 days. Comparing Republic to the worst service providers doesn’t say a lot. If people were happy with Sprint and T-Mobile, Republic wouldn’t exist.

FYI, the G6 is already available on Amazon and Verizon, but Republic still doesn’t know when they’re getting it. If I knew it was coming out in the next few days I’d have no problem waiting, but sometime in June could be five weeks from now. I just broke my current phone, so 5 weeks is just too long to wait. The lack of information is disappointing.

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The shorter period can be disconcerting for some members who joined when RW still had their 30 day return policy. It was dropped to 15 days with the introduction of the 3.0 phones and plans.

Hi @carynnm.vdlrur,

I’m sorry the wording of our announcement disappointed you and caused you to speculate that we don’t know when we’re getting the phone. While there’s always the possibility an unforeseen event delaying any target date, we fully expect to have the Moto G6 available for purchase on June 1, 2018.

The versions of the phone I’m seeing available on Amazon look like the International version, please note that version is not compatible with Republic Wireless’ service.


Just shows me its bad all over.
I have no problem with the phone service but under the circumstances some consideration could be made. Also a little irksome that all this must be in an email or forum
over time instead of talking to a person and having it done in 5 minutes.

Maybe I’m just to old fashioned for the way “technology” does things.

Have a nice holiday weekend.

Sadly, thats the story with many tech purchases.
New better models come out, and those that buy the older model right before the new one comes often get fustrated.

I bought my expensive Pixel XL 128gb phone…then a few weeks later, Google slashed the price by $200.

Last year, I bought a nice laptop. It went on clearance a month later for 30% off, when the new model came out…

Cars are even worse…

It stinks when it happens. But its the nature of the technology industry.


Hi @raymondm.mtoich,

For many questions, our online Community can provide answers much more quickly than our staff. These usually involved questions about using the phones, using the service, or clarification of policies.

@louisdi answered your question on our policy within 2 minutes of your asking it. We’d be hard pressed to match that speed, even if we had a call center. The last time I had to call my previous carrier, I was on hold for 30 minutes before I was told to “try” something and call back if it didn’t work. Personally, I prefer this model, where I can walk away and do other things while I wait for response over being on hold. But I understand it’s not for everyone.

Please open a ticket and ask our customer advocacy team whether there’s any room for an exception. Under some circumstances, our Customer Advocacy team is able to make exceptions. It never hurts to ask.

There will always be yet another new phone, a month from now, two months from now… Is there something specific about the Moto G6 that you think you would prefer over the Moto G5+? We’ve found the G5+ to be a very solid, reliable phone. I’ve bought two for members of my family and have no regrets. In fact, after posting that announcement about the G6, I stopped on my way home from work and bought a Moto G5S+. I’m curious to know what is driving your interest in having the G6 instead?


To be clear, I picked the carriers and Best Buy because the vast vast vast majority of all cell phones in the US are sold by the carriers, followed second by Best Buy. Everyone else is statistically irrelevant.

Thank you for the response. However, I chatted with an employee earlier (which I had to sign up for a account to do) and asked when the G6 is expected to come out. She told me they hadn’t been notified yet on the release date, but assumed it would be sometime in the next couple weeks. When I pointed out that I thought it was coming out in May and is already available on Amazon and Verizon, all she said was, I’m not aware what Verizon does. I not only didn’t get my question answered, but I felt that was a pretty snarky response. So there’s clearly a lack of information sharing going on that is frustrating for customers like me trying to make purchasing decisions.

There are many people like me who hate using computers to start with no less try to solve a problem or get information by chat. My generation didn’t grow up with this and I’m sure I’m not your only customer that feels this way. With time you can teach an old dog new tricks but you shouldn’t have to.
As for the phone, larger screen (always a plus for us old farts), more ram and a better OS.


That’s one of the decisions that one needs to make when deciding whether to be a Republic customer or not. If you’re not comfortable with online support then quite honestly, Republic likely isn’t the best choice of provider.


My grandparents wont give up Verizon because they just want to call someone when they have an issue. Or much more often, go to a physical store with a person to help show them how to do or fix something with their phone. They do this a few times each month. They are both 75yrs old and very technology challenged. They also refuse to use ebill and must get paper bill in mail and mail a check in. They don’t care that it costs them $200 a month for 2 phones.

Like I said I am happy with the service. It’s the little things like like telling someone to go somewhere else that make you look bad.
I’m done with this conversation.

Have a nice day :grinning:

Hi @carynnm.vdlrur,

For the most part, we do work very hard to make sure all our support teams have the information they need to answer such questions. Typically, due to agreements with the manufacturers, we don’t talk about future releases at all before the release itself. This one was an exception since Motorola itself announced that we would be carrying the phone.

And, as it was an exception, we did drop the ball on getting the information to our support staff. For the most part, they have not yet been apprised of the details of this phone, nor of its release date. This was not an intentional act, but a missed communication between a couple of teams. I apologize that it left you feeling frustrated. I hope you have the information you need now, but if you have any more questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Hi @raymondm.mtoich,

Please understand that @louisdi is not a Republic Wireless employee. While we would not want to see you go elsewhere, we definitely do understand that some people prefer phone support or walk-in support to online support. When circumstances make it more appropriate, we will offer phone support by calling our members or offering them the option to call in at their convenience. So if you ever find yourself in need of support and the ticketing experience is not working well for you, please request phone support and explain why.

Please let me know if you have not been able to open the ticket to inquire about the extension of the return policy.

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