Moto G6 Compatibility question

If we are looking at phones motorola Moto g6 XT1925-6, that should be compatible based on Republics guidelines, correct? Do you know if there are different software versions for that , or is this xt1925-6 the US version that will be compatible.

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Should be compatible based on the model number, but the software version could come to play if it possibly was not originally US sourced

Moto G6
Once again, we have the fun on multiple model numbers. The Motorola Model number is XT1925-6. In some cases you may see the phone advertised by its part number. In this case, the phone will be listed as PAAE0000US, PAAE0002US, PAAE0007US, PAAE0008US, or PAAE0009US. These are the same phone (differences may be Amazon Prime Exclusive version and/or color) and no matter which way it is listed, it will work with Republic.

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Thank you!

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Very much appreciated!

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