Moto G6 crashing

My almost new G6 has started crashing and rebooting two or three times a day also various programs keep stopping any ideas short of a factory reset would be appreciated.

Hi @ronaldv.wuiaam

Before the Factory Reset I would try starting the phone in safe mode to see if you experience the crashing. I was gonna say try clearing the cache too, but I believe your model does not offer that feature:

Let us know if safe mode helps tho.

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I tried your suggestion and started the phone in safe mode ,it worked briefly but the problem started again . I went ahead and uninstalled the few apps I had installed on the phone. Still pop ups saying some random factory app had stopped working and I noticed the phone rebooting while sitting unused on the coffee table. I went ahead and did a factory reset. I gave up when the phone rebooted in the middle of trying to set up the phone…

This is looking like a hardware issues how long have you had the phone Motorola has a 1 year warranty on the phone

if over 1 year you may want to check with the credit card you used to purchase the phone as it may extend the warranty but you would have to go though them.

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I bought the phone from Republic on Nov.23rd 2018.

Hi @ronaldv.wuiaam,

I’m sorry for the experience. A question on the factory reset; did you allow Google to restore apps and settings when you did the reset? If so, you may have inadvertently restored the problem and a second factory reset making sure not to accept Google’s offer to restore apps and settings (set up as a new phone) is worth a shot.

Otherwise, as you bought the phone from Republic within the last year, I suggest opening a help ticket with staff.

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No I never got that far in the process , I also tried to use my old phone to set up the G6 my old phone recognized the G6 but the G6 keep saying something went wrong.
( I don’t know if that means anything I just thought I’d mention it.)

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying “the phone rebooted in the middle of trying to set up the phone” means the factory reset didn’t complete? If I’ve got that right, this sounds like the phone will need to be replaced. Please go ahead, open a ticket, and ask Republic for assistance with a potential warranty claim.

Please do mention the failed factory reset, so staff knows not to trouble asking you to do another one.

Edited to Add:

One additional random idea. Do you have a Micro SD card in the phone?

I tried twice to reset the phone, the reset seemed to work it was during answering all the questions a new phone ask that the phone either rebooted itself or said some app had stopped. I was never able to connect to google because the 2 step process stopped me because the phone would not receive the verification code.
The only card the phone has is the one Republic installed.

Hi @ronaldv.wuiaam,

I’m leaning toward a hardware issue on this one. That said, are you able to get far enough into the process where you’re asked whether you want to set up as a new phone or not? If yes, please try the new phone option and don’t install any apps other than the one’s that came with the phone.

Regarding the two-factor authorization issue; you can receive Google’s text message verification code by installing Republic Anywhere on a compatible device other than the phone (computer or tablet).

Lastly, is there a Micro SD card in the phone? If so, on the off chance it’s corrupted and the source of the problem, you might try removing that then attempting another factory reset.

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The new phone option is what I tried the 2nd time around. Like I said I got through the reset it was when the phone ask you set up finger reader ect, ect that the issues I described began

I’m pretty much out of ideas. Other than removing a Micro SD card on the off chance you added one and trying one last factory reset, it would seem to be hardware failure.

Thanks for all your time trying to help rolandh I have not installed a SD card. When I first received this phone I had it up and running in ten minutes I agree this must be a hardware issue.

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Motorola is helpful when you have some serious issues. They have zero option to dance around the issue you have. So when you chat with them online or call them, be nice, explain the situation, emphasize the phone rebooting and making it unworkable, ask them if its covered by the warranty. Don’t demand anything don’t act like its your right. Its just basic steps to keep the service rep awake and focused on the issue at hand. lol.

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Thanks for the advice briha I decided to open a help ticket with Republic and go from there. If they can’t help I will be sure to be on my best behavior with Motorola.

I am having the same issue with my Moto G6 randomly rebooting several times a day. I also bought my phone around Thanksgiving 2018 and activated it in January. I have also tried deleting many apps that I installed. I just opened a help ticket.

Sorry to hear this susanm.a4u2bm It’s pretty disappointing to have a phone less than 4 months old give you so many problems isn’t it.
I turned my help ticket in on thursday and by friday morning Republic had determined it was a hardware issue and needed to be replaced. My replacement phone should arrive next week. That’s the good news.
Here’s the part you are not going to like ( at least I didn’t) If you are having the same problem as mine, In place of your practically brand new phone you are going to get a 2nd hand refurbished phone. This is Motorola’s policy that Republic tells me they have no control over. I paid full price for my phone if I wanted a refurbished phone I would have bought one and saved a ton of money. If you look up the refurbished phones most companies sell they don’t even come with a factory warranty. I have or should have 8 months left on my warranty we will see what happens should I have problems 6 months from now.

For better or worse, this is indeed Motorola’s policy and standard industry practice among manufacturers. There’s no way to know whether the refurbished replacement is newer or older than the phone being replaced. The source of these refurbished phones is returned defective phones such as yours. In other words, your defective phone will ultimately be refurbished and repurposed as someone else’s replacement phone for their warranty claim. This too is standard industry practice among manufacturers.

Generally, when a manufacturer refurbishes a phone, they’re sold with a warranty. Typically, manufacturers won’t honor warranties for phones refurbished by third parties and this, to me, is understandable when the manufacturer isn’t the one doing the refurbishing.

Motorola will honor the remaining period of time on your existing warranty, which I sincerely hope you have no need for.

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I am painfully aware of motorola’s policy, if that was ment to make me feel better about it it failed.

I don’t know who refurbishes the phones Republic sells but according to this website they are not offered with a factory warranty.

Time will tell.

I’m not expecting that you’ll feel better, merely trying to be informative that Motorola’s policy is also pretty much everyone else’s policy. In fact, I’m unaware of any electronics manufacturer that replaces something under warranty with brand new.

When Republic sells what it refers to as certified pre-used phones, it’s Republic that has done any refurbishing. This is also standard practice and entirely different from a manufacturer refurbished item.

I’m confident, if needed, Motorola will honor the remainder of your one-year warranty. I’ll reiterate that I hope there is no need and your phone performs as it should going forward.

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