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Just got a new Moto G6 and am waiting for my sim card from RW. is it ok to go ahead and download my apps and contacts from my old phone before i insert the Sim?

You can do everything including installing the RW app.

See here for details

What old phone are you replacing?

an E2.

I hope you are aware that the E2 worked on CDMA (Sprint) …your new G6 (bought elsewhere) activated as a BYOP will work on GSM (Tmobile)…so your coverage will be different from what you were used to on your E2.

Hi @rons.vqlqgs,

If after activating with the GSM SIMs your coverage is less than satisfactory you can request CDMA SIMs from RW Support.


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Hi @rons.vqlqgs,

Picking up on coverage, please know different does not mean worse. For most, the alternative coverage is equivalent, For some (like me), it’s better. For a few it’s not as good. Should you find yourself in the not as good camp, please know Republic can restore the same coverage you had on your E2 as described here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

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Thank you all for your input. If I have any issues when I get the Sim card inserted…I know where to come for help.


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