Moto G6 different sounds for phone and text

I set up my new Moto G6 today. I am trying to figure out how to have different tones for phone and text. I can see the ones in settings and sounds but no way to differentiate between phone and text messages. Any help?

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We use Google Messages that came already installed on our G6s. To set a different notification sound for text message.

Open Messages>tap three dots upper right>Settings>Notifications>Sound and select sound you want. I downloaded a custom sound that says “You have a text message”.

You can assign a different ring tone for each contact if you want. Open Contacts>Select the person you want to assign custom ringtone to>tap three dots upper right>Set Ringtone and pick a sound.

Hope this helps. Don’t think I missed any steps. It will get you in the right areas at least :grinning:


Thank you


I downloaded the ZEDGE app, love it

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