Moto G6 gets hot and shuts down (topic split from our Challenge 23)


Our Community would be glad to troubleshoot such an issue with you, as this usually means an app is overtaxing the processor. We have lots of happy Moto G6 users in our Community. One thing I’d suggest just from looking at your home screen would be removing the Facebook app to see how the phone performs without it. You can access Facebook through the browser while you test the phone without the app.

If you’d like to troubleshoot further, please post in our #problems category so the Community can try to help.

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Following suggestions I found, I ran my phone in safemode for a week, still had the same problems, did a factory reset without downloading any of the apps I was playing same problem. If I keep my phone sitting on an ice pack it stays on. Talking to Motorola customer support they want $150 to look at the phone, I would have to send it in and would be without it for up to 2 months. The problem started with the last security update.

Hi @AndreaGwyn

Would you be up to re flashing the phones OS. :thinking:
This should go beyond a factory reset and maybe… fix your issue.
Something I became aware of thanks to @cindylou! :tada:

Note: A PC is needed :wink:

Most likely the battery is dying. You can get it replaced. Its an easy fix if you repair on your own. But repair shop would charge you a lot. Not worth it if its over $40. You can probably get another g6 on ebay for $70. Your best option is probably to sell yours on ebay and buy a new phone for yourself.

The problem is not the battery. It shuts off while charging, it shuts off with a fully charged battery. If I am holding my phone it shuts off after 5 to 10 minutes of using it, if it is sitting on an ice pack it stays on as long as I keep it on an ice pack, my phone is overheating, I do not have it in a case, the problem started with the latest security update.

Or I can go to Cricket get a new phone for free, have 2 gigs of high speed data for $30 a month, even less if my other half adds me to his account.

It can still be the battery. or it could be a board issue where either the battery or the board is shorting out or may be failing to control voltage. Unfixable if that’s the case.

On a side note, g6 is a great phone. I have used two of them. Sometimes you end up with a bad one I guess.

  • On the off chance that there is a runaway 3rd party app that is running the CPU at max, could you try the following:
    • Boot up in Safe Mode this will prevent any of the 3rd party apps from running and can be used as a test
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