Moto G6 gets hot while charging sometimes and battery runs down fairly quickly

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Issue Description

My phone does not get hot every time I charge it, but last night it got hot and was laying on a pillow, which was almost producing a burning smell because it was hot to the touch. It was burn your skin hot, but it was beyond warm. This does not happen every time it is charged. However, additionally I am very unimpressed with the battery life. I’ve had this phone for a little over a year and overall its a great phone, but the battery life has never been so great. I literally have to charge it every 8-10 hours, as that appears to be the full life cycle of the battery at this point. I’ve turned off apps, and done other things suggested, but I also need the location enabled constantly, which I know can drain it some. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

You might take a look at this article in the Android help center for fixing battery drain issues:

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