Moto G6 identifier number

My moto g6 is one month away from warranty…BUT, since I do not have the box in came in and it wont turn on, they want to know some type of number in it. Is there any way to obtain information, on a dead moto g 6 so that I can get this repaired under warranty. This is through Motorola themselves. I cant find receipt so they need some kind of identifier on this phone. Thanks for any help. All I know is that its a moto g6. I think they said they needd an leci number if that helps.

Perhaps Republic could help you with this … I would Open a Ticket See the update below by RW’s @southpaw … the direct link that was provided before the boxed ‘How To Find’ item will take you directly to the page you need. On that page it is called Device ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi @pamelal.1u6ekv,

There are multiple ways to find the phone’s ID number.

You named two: In the phone’s settings and on the box.
For phones that are currently activated, you can also find it by logging into the Account Portal at

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