Moto G6 is dead purchased in April 2019

Battery was really low last night and I plugged in my Moto G6 to charge. It was not charged and won’t start this morning. I moved it to a different charged and it still will not charge.
What now?

If you purchased the phone through Republic Wireless, I suppose you could open a help ticket with Republic Wireless. I tend to go straight to the manufacturer:

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Wow I have no idea what happened. But CoreyK told me to hold the on button down 2 minutes. Phone turned on and has a 100% charge. I have tried many times to do a regular start, removed the sim card 2 times with the phone case off.
Only thing I can think of is that it was very low when I plugged it into the charger last night, but not enough to shut the phone down.

this is a hardware reset that replace the battery pull on phones without a removable battery

I did not know that, thanks for replying. Yesterday was the lowest I have ever let the battery run real low.

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