Moto G6 just died!

Help! I am traveling and my phone just went dead or it shut off and won’t turn back, on. I have had it on the charger, but that isn’t helping.

I have been in some sketchy cell service areas if that means anything. When the phone crashed I had left it in the car with the GPS running. Could some data thing have overloaded?

Finally, I had tried a couple of methods to restart. Pushed the on/off button quickly. Pushed a held, pushed on/off and volume buttons at the same time.

So, should I press the little hole on the bottom of the phone? Will that cause a reboot to factory specs? Which would mean that data, pictures, contacts would be gone?

Please advise and thanks.


No! This is a microphone hole. All it will do is destroy the microphone!

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Hi @joker_1,

There is no magic reset hole or button on your Moto G6. I understand you’ve tried a variety of button combinations, however, have you simply tried holding the power button for an inordinately long period of time (up to two minutes)? If not give that a try and release the power button before two minutes only if the screen reacts or your feel the phone vibrate.


Will do. Thanks.

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It WORked.

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