Moto G6 keeps freezing when in my pocket

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This week I’ve been having pretty frequent screen freezing when it’s in my pocket. It only seems to happen at work–haven’t noticed it at home yet. A long press (10+ seconds) is required to wake it up. Clearing the system cache partition doesn’t seem to help. What else can I do to troubleshoot this?

Hi @samuelr.jl1hno,

Can you tell us more about what you mean by “screen freezing?” What do you see when you take your phone out of your pocket? Is the screen on? Are you putting it into your pocket while the screen is still on? (You may have to think very carefully and intentionally about that as you’re putting it into your pocket. I have family members who insist they always turn their screen off before pocketing, then I watch them time and again drop lit-up phones into their pockets.)

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Hi Southpaw,

The screen stays black, doesn’t respond to any touch or button input. I hadn’t tried gestures for flashlight or camera but that’s something to try the next time it happens.

While it’s not 100% of the time, my muscle memory is to hit the power button before dropping it into my pocket. Failing to do that causes lots of random screen inputs so I try to do it out of habit. I’ve pulled it out a few times to find it in a random app, doing random things when I forget.

Weirdly enough, it hasn’t happened in the last few days, even at work. Perhaps I had an app running that locked up the system? Maybe some random EMI from the manufacturing equipment when I walked past? That’s why I was looking for general advise on how to track down what could cause a system freeze.


Is there any chance it has been shutting down in your pocket, completely turning off? Or would it still ring if called in this state?

This is a possibility; some app or process was overtaxing the processor, causing it to shut down. Do you have your apps set to auto-update from the Play Store? If something has updated recently, that may explain why this freezing stopped happening. Or you may have finally killed off the process that was running.

If it starts happening again, let us know. The Community may be able to recommend some way to monitor apps to see what’s being a resource hog. (I don’t happen to have a Moto G6 available to see what’s available, myself.)

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I do have it set to auto update and applied a system update a week or two ago. That usually isn’t without a following period of instability while other apps get updated to match.

The typical occurrence was just “drop in pocket, walk a few hundred feet, take out phone, no response”. It would go through the usual boot up procedure after the long press, sometimes taking a little longer on the static screen before going to the fancy animated booting graphics. I cleared the system cache partition as a triage step but it happened a few more times afterward that afternoon. I also cleared the app drawer/task switcher history and manually rebooted, to the same effect.

Shutting down in my pocket seems unlikely because I would have to have held the power button for ~1 second, not noticed that it had vibrated when the flyout menu came up, and I would have had to hit the power down option instead of anywhere else on the screen. Not impossible, but a lot of silly things would have to happen repeatedly for it to be an ongoing issue. That said, I’ve been known to be silly and oblivious on more than one occasion. =)

Thanks again for your feedback!

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