Moto G6 loses date time


What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text + 1 GB Cell Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? ALL

Issue Description Phone will randomly display incorrect Hours, Mins and Date {back in days}

Manually reset time and it will work for a few days.

If a text message is sent when the phone is in this incorrect time/date mode it will be placed out of actual sequence in into the false time/date. series of messages.


Hi @craigw.vkuxs3
Try going into the System settings>date & time and making sure the Auto date and time are on as well as the auto Time Zone.

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Thanks for the reply SuperT but that is set correctly.


That is and odd problem.
Strange that manually setting don’t seem to stick either. :thinking:
Have you rebooted the phone ?

I have read where cell tower near you can give your phone the wrong time/date. I don’t know if that’s your issue but let’s see if others in the Community have some suggestions.

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@craigw.vkuxs3 Are you still having this issue?

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Yes! This still occurs on occasion. Seems to be when my wife visits my MIL at a nursing home approx 30 miles away and I can only surmise it is getting a bogus time/date setting from some server but it does not want to reset when she gets home and requires manual intervention.

Glad the people writing code for these phones don’t write code for industrial applications or anything mission critical. As a person who wrote code for such applications, I was a lot more cautious in testing as people could get hurt. With phones it is just annoying.


A couple questions – of debatable seriousness.

1.) Is the nursing home in a different time zone?

2.) If their Wi-Fi system has the wrong time/date wouldn’t one need access to the cell network in order to not fall victim to being supplied with bogus info?

It DOES seem that the phone should recover once away from Wi-FI and back on cell and that is far from an impossible recovery scenario so more careful programming might detect and correct that failure scenario but it needs to be anticipated before it can be hardened against. So, yes, that would be annoying to have it be an end user hands on recovery scenario rather than a system level protection… My apologies, but, have you submitted a bug report on this? Is it important enough to do so?


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  1. It is in the same time zone.

  2. I’ll have her check prior to entering the facility and then after she has been their some time to see if the issue is created by the Nursing Home’s WiFi.

  3. We used to have, prior to RW, some odd ball stuff occurring as we are on the border of Canada but I doubt a time/date issue would be involved. It was more of a roaming issue with another carrier.

  4. I have not yet issued a ticket request as I would hoping to find a solution from the community plus I wanted to provide as much intelligent information as possible.

Thanks again.

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Hi @craigw.vkuxs3,

Republic does not run an Internet time server and (as far as I know) neither does Google, so I don’t believe WiFi is involved here. My understanding is when an Android phone is set for automatic date & time, those are picked up from the cell tower(s) one’s phone is connected to. I’m sorry to say I don’t have an explanation as to why things don’t reset once presumably away from the troublesome tower(s).

I’m also uncertain how useful opening a ticket with Republic will be as Republic’s cellular partners’ own the towers not Republic itself. In this instance, I can’t think of a reason your wife’s Republic phone should be behaving differently from any other Android phone.


My OPINION is the people writing software for Android and other similar platforms had better stay in their lane and never write programs for mission critical software in industry. I’ve written assembly code for 8 core true multitasking microprocessors used in areas where people could get hurt if I screwed up. I’d lay awake at night worrying about if everything was perfect. I suspect these programmers, party at night.

It very well could be some cell tower she passes or simply poorly written software. My guess is the software but at this point I cannot prove it.

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@rolandh; I’m also uncertain how useful opening a ticket with Republic will be

I agree with you. I failed to specify: either an Android or Moto bug report would be more on point than an RW ticket. My bad…


When you say bogus time/date

Is it a fixed offset in even hours?

Or a completely random time/date ?


It off in minutes and hours and date Not like it was just a different time zone or a random switch from DST to EST.

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@craigw.vkuxs3 Are you stil having this time travel issue?


Yes, just tolerating it as we know how to quickly reset it. I’ve given up on most issues cell phone related as McDonald quality code seems to be the accepted norm.


Hi @craigw.vkuxs3 ,
I kept re-reading this post to look for a clue to resolving your time issue.
Going back to your first post you said:

and my asking if you had the auto time setting to which you said:

This makes it sound like you reset the time and had both the auto date/time and zone on.
Please (if you have not done so already) try keeping all those auto time settings off and set the date/time manually and let us know if it keeps the correct time/date after a few days.
If the date/time still get screwed up… I wonder if an app you have could be the culprit. :thinking:

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