Moto g6 low volume

The volume on my moto g6 is very low. Have gone to settings and tried to adjust it…no good

If you try headphones/earbuds is the volume normal?

If this low volume on calls, watching videos/listening to audio?

Sorry for the delay. Great volume with earbuds! Low volume on videos, any audio when earbuds unplugged.

Any suggestions?

Check the list of apps on your phone and look for one called Device Help. Look for the Device diagnosis or Fix it section. You want to run the test on the speaker. Is the test audio loud?

Try the Motorola guided troubleshooting at:

Thank you! We will try it.

I too have a very low volume can’t hardly hear when on a call unless thru blue tooth. I have gone to my sounds and can’t figure it out. I just started having this problem. I have had my phone for close to 2 years without issues, but this last update did install correctly and it wouldn’t let me open any of my photos, I tried to reset the app without success, I finally made sure I had everything backed up and reset my entire phone, then I started having problems with the volume. I love my phone, ■■■■■ volume not working correctly.

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