Moto g6 no longer recognizes SD card

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Issue Description

I bought my phone from you over a year ago and immediately installed a 128GB SD card as internal storage. It worked fine until a couple of months ago. Sometimes, after rebooting, it would not recognize the SD card. I would just wait a little while and it would then work. About a week ago, it got worse. It would take over an hour to get over this problem. Now, it just doesn’t recognize the card and I can no longer use some of the apps. I imagine they are running from the card. Not sure about that. That’s post hoc reasoning.

The likely answer is that the SD card has failed. They tend to do that at way too high of a rate, even the brand name ones. I generally don’t recommend formatting as internal for that very reason. Unfortunately, when formatted as internal, it also isn’t possible to read the card in another device so you can’t check it that way.

Something that I neglected to mention was that, although it isn’t recognized by the apps, I can still go into Storage and see the contents. I’m shown the amount of storage and the categories. I can also Explore the contents. Everything
seems to be reachable in this way. If the card is corrupt, it is corrupt in a strangely readable way.

Perhaps an app stored on the SD Cared is corrupted, and it is hogging the access? You might try clearing both the System and App Cache

  • See Clear Cache … where Republic Help provides instructions on how-to based on phone type

Jben, funny you should mention that. Last time I checked the card, as mentioned earlier, it asked if I wanted to clear cache. I said yes. Didn’t seem to change anything. I still get the No SD Card warning after rebooting and can still see
all the data on the card. Storage tells me that I have used 5.17GB of 128. BTW: the card is a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1.

I uninstalled all the greyed-out apps but that didn’t do any good. Next, I’ll do a factory reset. I’m running Android 9. I love the phone, but I’m fed up with this problem. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the SD card. Next time,
I think I’ll format the card on a computer and just use it as removable storage.

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Before I would do a Factory Reset, I would test the SD card in your PC or another device as suggested by @louisdi above. From what I see, a Factory Reset will wipe your SD card as it is formatted as internal, you may want to check on this

Jben, AS louisdi says, once the SD card is formatted as internal, it can’t be read in a computer. That option is gone. I haven’t factory reset my phone yet. I did, however, formatted the card as Portable. That didn’t work. I will next try
to format it on my computer. Stay tuned to this channel. Actually, that will be tomorrow. I have places to go and things to do.


Ah yes, once again I have proved a couple of things about myself
Reading for comprehension is not one of my key skill sets :frowning_face:
Sometimes I forget that I can’t remember everything :laughing:

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Thanks for this thread. I’ve had an SD card in my G6 for about a year, and it’s just started not being recognized. Looks like I’ll be reformatting and setting it as portable, too.

Petej, hope you have better luck than I did reformatting your card in the phone. My SD card is dead. I will keep it as a reminder to myself not to use SD cards as internal storage. Also, maybe in the future we will have the science to bring it back to life, like all the corpsicles.

I factory reset my phone and am starting all over again. It’s not as drastic as it may sound. I had a backup. I didn’t backup the apps on the card so I had to install them. All seems to be fine now and I have a new card (same type as the old one) now and will just store big files on it. Not ideal but apparently necessary.

So far, so good. Reformat seems to have chased off the gremlins. It’s now set as portable, and the phone seems to be running better. I’ve noticed that apps are opening more quickly. Hopefully it keeps going this way.

FWIW – We have 128GB SD cards in our Moto G6’s. They are used as portable and we set the camera app to store photos on the SD card. Had to set the default storage location in the camera app, did not go to SD card by default (if memory serves me…pardon the pun). That way photos do not use up the phones internal memory.


Thanks, I’ve set mine to do the same. I back most up as soon as I hit wifi, but I like knowing they’ll go to the SD instead.

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